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PSM3’s Two Secret PS3 World Exclusives |

In this month’s preview of PSM3 the magazine is teasing two major “world exclusive” PS3 announcements to be revealed in their next issue.

 One is being called a “top secret world exclusive PS3 reveal” while the other is being labeled as a “world exclusive reveal.” The former sounds like PSM3 will be lifting the lid on a PS3 exclusive. I’m betting it has something to do with InFamous 2.

The latter may be a multi platform announcement similar to F.E.A.R3. Could it be the Devil May Cry game that Ninja Theory has been rumored to be working on?


  • Pc

    Sweet, I love exclusives! Wonder what the 2 could be?

  • If it’s a world exclusive or any exclusive how can it be inFamous 2 when it has already been announced they have registered the domain. I doubt they would register that domain if they weren’t going to plan on doing it.

    It better be something good. As of late everyone is throwing around the word exclusive as if it actually means something.

  • Jay

    @Luke: not true. Many publishers register domain names, probably for rights to the domain, but doesn’t necessarily mean a game results from it. Those are called ghost titles. A while back, R* games registered GTA: Bogota, but such a title never existed (and this was way before GTAIV’s release), and that’s only one of many examples

  • I hope the Ps3 reveal means Ps3 exclusive reveal. Given the second reveal is just “world exclusive” it may well be a ps3 exclusive, but there’s this small chance it is otherwise.

  • Anyone else hoping that maybe one of them is a brand new IP?
    Although Jak 4 would be awesome…. 🙂

  • spacesquirrel

    yea… original IP would be great.

    I’d also love to hear that The Las Guardian is coming out this year.

  • I’m getting most of my gaming info from here these days. So I have no clue what it can be >.>

    Exclusives are cool because I’m so damn loyal to my system.

  • Royalty32

    Ive been praying for a Ps3 Jak and Daxter ever since Jak 3. Plz let my prayers get answered.

  • EdEN

    Demon’s Soul 2 would be nice to hear about. A collection including ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on Bluray in 720p would be a great way to prepare for The Last Guardian.

  • Right on Eden. ICO 720p Classic Pack would be great.
    Infamous 2 is probably one of the titles. Good game. Hopefully they make the city a bit more vibrant. I thought the colours were a bit dull in the last one. Even after the city was “electrified”
    Maybe “The AGENT” IS GOING TO BE revealed.

  • I found a bigger image of the 2-page spread that the announcement is made on in the mag. There’s an image of a white feather and a blood drop near it on the page. Could be a clue.

  • EdEN

    Mmm, what could a big white feather and a drop of blood be about? A new Valkyrie Profile game on PS3?