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Update to your Public Profile, more ways to earn points, and tips |

Your public profile now displays your current points along with a donate link.
Plus a couple more ways to earn points.

5 Points for Avatar Upload
1 Point for Message Sent

So for those without an avatar or Gravatar (which is what I recommend). Upload one, don’t settle for the randomly generated one if you don’t have have a avatar. I set the point value for messages sent low, because I don’t want people abusing it just to earn points. But if you do use it, you get some points at least.

With the community part of the site you can “mention” somebody in a update, reply, blog comment even. You just use @username. Now this isn’t there display name, it’s there username. To find out what it is go to there public profile and look for the @username after their display name. Or you can click the “Mention this User” link in there profile.

How do you know if you have been mentioned? You can go to the Global Site Activity page and it will have a number by your @username. Or you can use the top menu to access it like so:

My Account > Activity > @username Mentions

If you mention somebody in the Community then they get an email (if they allow it in there preferences). This includes groups as well.

  • genbatzu

    my 1st thought:

    is the avatar changing maybe useable? :>
    e.g. u are able to change it every view seconds into the same pic, so u earn a lot of points (cheater :o). or is there limit/lock ~ something like 1 avatar change/per gets awared? or even 1 avatar change per acc. 😉

    anyway, txfor te update =)

    //ya i know, my english sucks >.<

  • I was having a hard time finding something small enough to use as an Avatar on the forums. Gravatar made it super easy, I’m kind of surprised lol…

    And I’m happy that the Avatar to the left remained the same ^^

  • Gravatar is the way to go really. 🙂

    @genbatzu Yes, that is an issue. I’ll look into a fix for that. If I ever notice any obvious abuse of the points system. I’ll give them 1 warning and take away some points. I should think of a terms of point service on the points page, lol.

  • Jay

    lol, like if they have been found to abuse the points system, take away twice as many points as they made by cheating 😛 If their points don’t add up to twice the amount they cheated, then just drain the account to 0 lol

  • I need to figure out a got tos thing for the points system, lol. Good idea, i’ll make note of that.