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The Weekly Recap (April 25th-May 1st) |

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Well, this week saw a drop in activity again. We had a total of 19 main articles and 3 QuickNews. There have been a few big news pieces, though. First, some gamers have sued Sony over the removal of the OtherOS feature, Bungie is making a multiplatform title with Activision (and yes, this means on the PS3 as well).

There have also been a bunch of domains registered under Sony, but no confirmation as to whether the games are, in fact, in production or are simply ghost titles. A bunch of new “mods” have been revealed for ModNation Racers as well. The Sims 3 will be hitting consoles later this year, too.

Not a whole lot of eye-popping news. Darrin has a small article on Roger Ebert complaining about 3D and Sakinah brought up the fact that some people are having issues on older versions of some Blu-Ray players. Still, don’t let the lack of articles deter you from reading the rest of the recap. Also, if you want to help us out, we’re always allowing people to post news themselves. Just click the “Become a Writer” button below. There’s no obligation to post news on a constant basis, but if you come across something we may have missed, you can submit the news to us and we will usually approve it and you’ll be on the main page. THat’s how folks like me got started, after all.

[tab:Community News]

Alright, when we get to the recognitions, we got a few ties this week. Anyway, Tosh has tweaked a few settings with the community. First off, you get 15 points for friend requests and accepted friend requests. Not only that, Tosh has also added points for avatar uploads (5) and messages sent (1), which is why “Vivan” has 183 points already :P. He also describes how to use the “mention” feature, so be sure to read up on that.

Speaking of Vivan, don’t bother responding to her message. It’s simply spam. Of course, that hasn’t sopped me and Oly from giving away our personal information because Vivan is hot! Oly can do his money order all he wants, I just did a direct wire transfer, so she has my money. I don’t want to let Oly get the upper hand! She’s going to live with me ;).


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[tab:Gaming News]

F1 2010 Handling Video and Screenshots
Trev – April 26th

Hideo Kojima Set to“Challenge a Certain Industry Taboo” With Next Project
Sakinah – April 26th

MNR Artist Spotlight: Sucker Punch
Jay – April 26th

Sims 3 on Consoles This Fall
Jay – April 27th

Get a Head Start on 3DDGH Character Creation
Jay – April 27th

New PS3 Hardware Less Prone to YLOD
Jay – April 27th

MNR: New Mystery Mods Revealed; and Sackboy!
Jay – April 27th

Rumor: New firmware to allow background download for game patches
Ace – April 27th

UFC Undisputed 2010 Full Fighter Roster and Demo for Undisputed Community Members April 29th
Paul – April 27th

God of War 3: Spartans Stands Tall Site Updated
Sakinah – April 28th

Sony Being Sued for Linux Removal
Eddie – April 29th

Bungie Joins Activision, Bungie Games On PS3 Now [Update]
Trev – April 29th

Ben Heck shows his shiny new PS3 Slim laptop v2
Ace – April 29th

Sony Registers “Infamous 2″ Web Domain
Eddie – April 30th

Ace – April 30th

Roger Ebert Hates 3D
Darrin – April 30th

Problems Arise For the Blu-Ray Version of Avatar
Sakinah – April 30th

Official: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Jay – April 30th

PSM3’s Two Secret PS3 World Exclusives
Sakinah – May 1st

Get ModNation Racers for $40
Jay – April 27th

New Call of Duty to be Unveiled Friday
Jay – April 28th

Free Realms To Make It’s PS3 Debut at E3
Sakinah – April 29th
[tab:Play With Us]

The Groups Section has been busy the past few days. There has been talk of another game night, another group for BFBC2 players, and discussing games to play with each other on that, and one of our readers has also set up a “posse” for Red Dead Redemption (though, I’d say anyone should be able to join, not just the limit a posse can have, since not everyone can play at the same time).
[tab:Poll Results]

Poll results will be available on the next recap. The current poll is for best game of 2010 so far, and it’s an open pol, which means you can add in your own answers.
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Well, that’s it for this week. One quick update, though. Since the PlayStation Store update dates have changed, and they happened to land on Tuesdays in the US, I might be including the New Game Releases in the same article (it will be on the last tab). We’ll see where that goes, though. Chances are, the store updates will be in the afternoon, but I can do the new releases in the morning, so, yeah (and that’s assuming I can get to it on time :P).

But yeah, just remember, the Store update will be updated throughout the week, since the US gets theirs on Tuesdays, the EU gets it on Wednesday, and Asia territories, assuming, will still update throughout the week, so definitely keep an eye on that. On the highlights tab, I’ll most like list which updates had been added so you know.

  • I had a good week. Didn’t get much gaming done though /cry. Still playing WoW super casually; a la newb. I’m like 1k away from a Mechano-Hog >.>

    New job kicking my ass and making me lose weight and Vivan tried to touch my naughty parts via the internet.

    Here’s to another good week!