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IGN Reviews ModNation Racers |

Well, it appears that the review embargo is up on ModNation Racers, as IGN has reviewed it 3 weeks ahead of time :P. Apparently, it’s a definite contender in kart racers, and the creativity and sharing aspects are great. The only real negative they had with the game (that barred anything above the given 9/10) is the extensive loading times, which take a few seconds short of a minute to load a race.

Given the apparent quality of the title and the praise it is receiving, it still sounds good enough to, at the very least, rent it. You can read the full written review here.

  • genbatzu

    really sounds interesting, but with all this powerfull weapons i think it will sometimes be really, really frustrating

  • I’m gonna get this.. hopefully they’ll patch up the loading times later.

  • Royalty2132

    Looks very fun. They gave it a great score as well but its just not my type of game. I think ill pass and on this one and just wait for RDR.

  • Blackstaffer

    I was in the beta and the load times were VERY painful. I was hoping that they’d have fixed it in the real release. Doesn’t look like it.

  • EdEN

    A minute to load each race? Who wrote the online code? That’s just not acceptable in a game that relies on the community being happy…

  • Royalty32

    If not fixed by launch, im sure there will be a patch later.

  • Pc

    Day one purchase for me! I wonder if the game installs any data to your hdd? If it doesn’t and still takes a minute to load in-between races, then that’s pretty sad for todays standards. If it foesn’t install to the hdd and takes that long, then we have hope for the future and not waiting so long. Anyways, this games is going to rock and i cant wait to try out other peoples tracks/make my own, and also create some crazy rides to race with my friends!

  • Pc

    I said that wrong 🙂 If it doesn’t install to the hdd and takes a minute, then we have hope through an update in the future. Now, if it does install to the hdd and still takes a minute for loading in-between races, then it might get anoying after a while. Hopefully the races will be nice and long 🙂

  • jerry

    Thats a long load time but I am sure my GF will love this game. Play Share Create!

  • I hated the long load times.. I’m sad they didn’t fix it..

  • EdEN

    Maybe a patch will do so in a couple of months? Seems to be how it works nowadays…

  • hobbes

    i preordered, the load times are going to be major disappointing.. really hope they fix that or allow HD install to rectify.

  • Jay

    well, look on the bright side, the long load times will be universal, so the issues you deal with, everyone else will be, too 😛

    surely, if they get enough complaints, load times will be fixed via a patch though.