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PES 2011 Announced |

PES 2011 has unsurprisingly been announced with a teaser trailer, it looks to showcase a lot more freedom in player movements which would be more than welcome considering how rigid the last few entries into the series have felt. It will take a lot to shift FIFA off it’s throne but the UEFA and Europa cups along with the Copa Libertadores will go some way to helping. More news when available but expect PES 2011 to be released in October.

  • JohnGalt

    FIFA presides over the kingdom of the porcelain god, apparently. 🙂 (You might want to check for a misspelling of “shift.”)

  • That has now been corrected, thanks!

  • EdEN

    Always liked more the PES series over the Fifa releases. Will EA ALSO release a FIFA game this year ON TOP of the World Cup release?

  • There will certainly be a FIFA 11 release for the updated club teams.

  • EdEN

    On World Cup years, EA should release updated team rosters as DLC. I’m sure those that own FIFA 10 would get the DLC at $10-20 just for the updates on new teams and new players.

    Releasing a World Cup game AND a game in the main FIFA series is overkill.