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Activision’s Revenue For 1Q 2010: $1.3 billion |

Activision reported their financial results for the first quarter of 2010, ending March 30th. No surprise to anyone the company raked in profits thanks to sales of World of Warcraft and ,of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warefare. The company’s net revenues came in at  $1.3 billion, while its non GAAP net revenues finished at $714 million. 

“Our better-than-expected first quarter performance was driven by strong global consumer demand for Activision’s Call of Duty and Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.” CEO Bobby Kotic stated.

“Throughout the remainder of the year, we plan to release our strongest video game lineup ever based on some of the industry’s highest quality, profitable franchises,” he said.

That “strongest video game lineup ever” includes Guitar Hero 6 and DJ Hero 2  to be released later this year along with yet another Call of Duty game.

  • Oh boy Guitar Hero 6!!! What could possibly be different from GH5?
    Didn’t they learn their lesson after they milked the Tony Hawk franchise dry?

  • You forgot Starcraft II

  • EdEN

    Activision will definitely make back their investment on Blizzard by the end of 2011 and from then all it’s aaaaall going to be profit.

  • Jay

    @SicSemperTyranis: yeah. at least with Rock Band 3, they’re going to try to get more realistic instruments that will actually play like the real thing, so we’ll see how that goes. I think, personally, GH died down as a franchise when Rock Band hit the scene in the first place. Despite GH5 having more variety in terms of songs, it still couldn’t come close to competing with The Beatles: Rock Band in terms of quality and polish.