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Street Fighter: Legacy Short Film |

Actor, filmmaker, and action choreographer/martial artist Joey Ansah (The Bourne Ultimatum)  has managed to do in 3 minutes what Capcom has failed to with 2 different Street Fighter movies!


  1. Very impressed and very interesting I think.

  2. DarkKnight32

    Make this a movie rite now. All it needs is a bigger budget and better special effects. To be an mini film it was better than any street fighter movie ever. Especially better than that HORRIBLE chun li movie.

  3. That tops ALL the crappy street fighter movies by far. Great video, thanks for posting that up Sakinah! I would love to see a full length film in this style.

  4. lordincubus

    That was dope. These guys really got the look and feel that most SF movies (besides animatied movies) couldn’t. I don’t really get why they did this though? Is this some kind of mini series, are they coming out with a full length movie? Anyone?

  5. Smegmazor

    That looks pretty awesome. I haven’t liked Street Fighter since I was in High School 17-18 years ago. I have to say this looks way better than that first abomination starring Van Damme.

  6. That was a VERY GOOD short film. They even respect the source material since Ken isn’t actually blond and just dies his hair that way which is why his eyebrows are black.

  7. Wicked.

  8. This reminds me of MGS: Philanthropy. If these independent film makers can make a good movie based off of a game universe (despite being short in this case, or far longer in Philanthropy’s case), maybe instead of working with Hollywood’s hottest directors, they should, instead, focus on finding a good indie director to take the reigns.

  9. Wait, it seems that nobody liked “The Legend of Chun Li.” How can that be?

  10. DarkKnight32

    Cuz it SUCKED!!!!

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