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Hot Off The Presses! Little Big Planet 2 Details! |

As I type this I’m full of excitement! LBP is one of my personal favorite games available on the PS3. Word on the street is that the June Issue of Game Informer has lifted the lid on Little Big Planet 2 and from what’s being reported the game  sounds bigger and better than before!

LittleBigPlanet 2 Information Starts Here!

– LBP 2 has less of a focus on platforming altogether and it’s more of a platform to actually create games with
– There is an all-new level creator and it is not just a tool to create platform games.
– As examples, the game 100% encourages the player to create game types and wants you to make a shooter, a racer, puzzle games, Space Invaders clones, even RPGs
– A player can even customize a HUD. The example given is a health bar for a fighting game.
– A Media Molecule developer has created a fully-functioning Command & Conquer Clone
– Media Molecule loves that a lot of user-created levels in LBP1 were homages to classic games and laments that so many manipulations of the creation tools were necessary to do them. Sackboy won’t need to be “hidden behind the curtain” when you make games with LBP2.
– There is a new super-important creator tool called “direct control seats”
– (from previous point) In LBP1, lots of people made rudimentary “hold R1 to accelerate” vehicles. Mark Healy created a car out of rubber wheels and a bottle, then placed a direct control seat in it. He pulled up an interface that resembled a PS3 controller and assigned commands to buttons.
– Example given was assigning Sixaxis tilt for forward and reverse, horn on the X button.
– You are no longer limited to the game’s stock sound effects. You can record your own sounds and voices, attaching them to characters or objects. Magic Mouth from the original LBP is gone
– Direct control seat’s control scheme is instantly accessible and you can attach it only to the part of the vehicle you want it to control.
– Example was given about the 8/16-bit remakes/tributes having to use the signature gameplay mechanics of LBP. That is no longer true in LBP2. A creator can place a direct control seat on their own platforming protagonist and complete it with a customized control scheme.
– Example of the previous was Yoshi’s Island. If a player creates the perfect recreation of the SNES-era jump they can share it with anyone in the community.
– There is an in-game microchip that functions as a calculator and it is a direct response/homage to PSN user Upsilandre (seriously, he’s mentioned by name)
– Enemies in the original title could only be programmed with super-basic commands and most resembled marionettes.
– Users will be able to take a template for an enemy called a Sackbot, tweak the AI and dress it in any way they choose.
– Creators can choose the weak points on the Sackbot, determine if it is scared of heights, and even program acting routines.
– A disco scene was set up by Media Molecule and two employees recorded together on a single Sackbot. They moved its arms and bobbed its head in a dancing routine. JUST the AI was copied and pasted onto twenty different Sackbots. Each Sackbot was given its own unique look.
– There are now movie editing options as well.
– Every LBP2 player will receive their own profile on It will display your activity feed as well as previews of their own stages
– There will be user-created integration in QR codes as well. They can be printed on advertisements, business cards, and automatically load a level when held up to the PlayStation Eye. There is no special menu to do this. Any time the PS3 is turned on and running LBP 2, you can wave it in front of the Eye.
– If you are not near your PS3 you can take a quick photo with your smartphone to see an online preview of the level and add it directly to your level queue.
– For creators of multiple levels, you will be able to string your stages together so that they flow from one level to the next.
– Sackbots can be drastically increased or decreased in physical size.
– Sackbots can be controlled by direct control seats as well.
– There is a new gadget (like the MGS paintball gun). It is a big-*** grappling hook.
– Media Molecule says explicitly there are multiple more gadgets coming.
– All DLC from LBP1 transfers over to LBP2. Including downloaded content packs, costumes, etc.
– There is a major overhaul to the story level as well. There’s the same 3-plane perspective for the story mode and the levels so far have a similar run-jump-grab platform style.
– Storyline is not country-based like last time, but is based in periods of time
– Here is a list of levels and summaries so far:

– Techno Renaissance: Whimsical alternative take of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci-like character to guide him through a technology-based twist level

– Steam & Cake: Steampunk-style level based on a ****ed-up tea and cake party

– Neon Propaganda: Cold-war era posters line a factory environment where Sackboy is liberating oppressed workers. There is a grim nature to the level that is totally opposed to the neon lights and signs.

– Fluffy High-Tech: Various high-end technology equipments like video walls are mixed with bunnies and fluffy sheep. It is a cold, futuristic environment populated by adorable creatures

– Designer Organic: Eco-architecture comes together around a designed and controlled version of nature. Described as “art noveau”. The closest to nature Sackboy gets in this game. Elaborate designs comprised of plants.

– Hand-Made Arcade: A super-tribute level to tons of arcade classics. Embraces the hand-made art from the first game. Pixels made of cardboard and wood.

– Circuit boards (like the calculator) can get extremely complicated and they have a very distinct interface
– Creators can make full-on cutscenes. Camera angles and voice-overs included. Creators can even make little five-minute short films. These levels are clearly marked on the stage select screen so you can tell whether you’re watching or playing the level.

No word on a release date but we’ll probably see more of the game at E3!

  • Jay

    HOLY SH*T! It’s like a completely new game altogether!

  • Yeah!

    I’m glad they’re allowing content from the first game to carry over in the sequel. I hope they clean up the net code before the game is released this time.

  • Now, this won’t get old, the limited tools allowed for crazy inventions, but I can’t even imagine what people on earth can come up with using this one..

  • I don’t want to do this… But I just have to….

    I told you so 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Wow! That sounds incredible.
    I wonder what the release date will be.

  • woooooooohoooooooooo

  • Ceidz

    Niiiiiiiiice !

  • hobbes

    still cannot design levels online with a friend like was demo’d in demonstrations… wonder if that will be in it..

  • EdEN

    Don’t really have time to create levels… but if Sony and everyone out there actually make decent enough levels I guess I could use the game to download and enjoy them. Still, no trophies if I don’t create games ..

  • I don’t think “simultaneous” online creation is that important. A semi-decent level requires several hours work, I don’t see people doing lots of collaborative work other than a few select cases.

  • Andy

    Hmm, I wonder what the original copyright holders will think of all the Mario levels that’ll get created.

    I love that a tool is available to allow others to create games, I remember fondly the 3D Construction Kit on my Atari St


  • Darrin


    I remember they said that their plans were to keep releasing sticker packs and the like. I’m glad they were really doing this!