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New Game Releases for the Week of 05/09/10 |

Pretty OK week compared to the last few. 3D Dot Game Heroes is now available in US and EU markets, so heads up if you’re into retro RPG games. Skate 3 also hits those territories as well. Lost Planet 2 has a (nearly) world wide launch, but considering reviews for the game are currently making it out to be sub par (and based on my experience with the demo), I’ll most likely pass up on it, despite being excited for it leading up to the launch.

And finally, the US can get it’s hands on the GOTY edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum. This week may be the week when the summer titles start hitting consoles, seeing as we have Red Dead Redemption next week, followed by ModNation Racers the next, etc. We’ll see if this trend continues. E3 is definitely looking promising, though.

PlayStation 3

3D Dot Game Heroes – May 11th // ESRB E10+
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year) – May 11th // ESRB T
Lost Planet 2 – May 11th // ESRB T
Skate 3 – May 11th // ESRB T

3D Dot Game Heroes – May 14th // PEGI 12
Lost Planet 2 – May 11th // PEGI 16
Skate 3 – May 14th // PEGI 16

Lost Planet 2 – May 13th // OFLC M

None Listed

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  • EdEN

    3D Dot Game Heroes goes on my list and will be bought eventually.

  • Mike

    More Game of The Year Editions for games that didn’t actually win Game of the Year. I guess they’ll be putting it right next to the Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead GOTY editions?

  • Yea, 3D Dot looks nice, I want to pick it up ^^

  • 3D Dot & Skate 3… and still 4 unopened games in my drawer =(

    *sigh*.. game studios are mean to me.

  • EdEN

    @Gibb: That’s why I soon as I get from shopping I open all boxes and remove unwanted extras (the health “books” from Wii and DS games, the packaging on all games, inserts for other games, etc.). That way if I’m not playing something at least it’s not sitting there unopened…