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Playstation Move Controller Priced in Canada |


No idea if this includes the additional piece and/or the eye toy. I have the eye toy already, so picking up just the controller won’t be too bad for me. Still I’d like to see more concrete info. Most likely have to wait until E3.

  • EdEN

    Well, that looks to be the price for the stand alone controller. The one with the subcontroller and the disc of minigames should de $99.99.

  • bad company

    are there any attachments for this yet

  • Royalty32

    Not ok with the price. 59.99 for the controller itself. Meaning the navigator controller will prolly be around 29.99. Thats $80 already. There’s no way Sony can keep it word by saying that the whole bundle (PS Eye, Move and Navigator) will be under $100. You guys smell that……. yea the smell of BULLSHIT!

  • Um.. I see it ships in January,, or is that some weird European date thing again? lol..
    I also read somewhere that the Eyetoy for use with the motion control is going to be different than the old one??

  • Eddie

    Royalty…calm down. Always so irate…

    Anyways..the navigator does not have any motion properties. So I’m guessing it will be included. Not to mention that you’re asking for the Move controller to be cheaper then the DS3 which is not going to happen.

    I’m guessing the Move + Navigator + Eye Toy + Game will be either $89 or $99 for the whole pack.

  • Eddie

    The date is most likely a placeholder date.

  • Jay

    I’d say that’s just their guess, but I don’t think it would be much more than the Wii controller. Then again, the Wii controller, with the Motion+, will still set you back $50 if you get them bundled, $60 if not (though, I’d say to keep the PS3 competitive, the MSRP will most likely be $50).

    @Royalty32: The nav controller will probably retail separately for $20, just like the nunchuck for the Wii. When things are bundled together, they’re cheaper than buying the components separately, so the sub-$100 is perfectly reasonable. Here would be a price breakdown:

    Move controller – $60 at most
    Nav Controller – $20
    Eye – $40
    plus a free, included game, which might normally retail for $20 if not bundled.

    In other words, you’re looking at $140 if you got everything separate (though, the bundle isn’t yet known to include the nav controller, and even without it, separately, that stuff would still be $120, but the game will be free, resulting in $100, and this is all assuming the Move controller will, indeed, be $60)

  • JohnGalt

    “The date is most likely a placeholder date. ”

    Well, do Canadians render the date dd/mm/yy? If so, then the listed date is Sep. 1, 2010.

    Also, I wonder whether the price will be the same in CAD and USD.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be the official price tag. If it is then Sony’s going to repeat the same mistakes they made with th PSPGO pricewise.

  • EdEN

    E3 is what, a month away? Sure will be interesting to see how Sony ends up pricing this, specially if Microsoft’s conference is before theirs…

  • Thierry

    Still not sure about the fact that u need to have the eye toy with this, it is going to be pretty cumbersome to setup in people living room…

  • EdEN

    My TV doesn’t allow for the Eye Toy to be placed on top so hopefully it works if placed in front of the TV…

  • Jay

    most people place it in front of the TV anyway, so you’ll be fine (especially since CRTs and fat TVs are a thing of the past lol)