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PSP2 This E3? Maybe! |

According to MCVUK, a few large publishers have ramped up their marketing spend for Q4 2010 for a Sony handheld device. Considering PSP’s current trend in the west and the horrible performance of the PSPGo, it doesn’t really make sense for them to be doing this.

Another publisher told MCV that they are waiting on a specific announcment from teh platform holder before they will reveal its future PSP plans.

Now this is complete speculation but it does seem to be a little odd to spend that much money on a potentially dying system.

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  • bad company

    please let it have 2 joystick and rumble and some online contract with a phone company

  • Eddie

    please make phone optional. phone will drive the price way too high.

  • paul smith

    please don’t put a phone anywhere near the psp 2. who in their right mind actually wants that?
    i know there has been rumours for years on the psp phone, but i would really like to see the people who are asking for this to ask them exactly why they would want such a thing

  • Royalty32

    Plz this, Plz that. I got one, PLEASE dont make another PSP. Tech wise, psp has been superior to any handheld console. That being said with the 3DS coming this year there no way psp has any chance of being successful.

  • EdEN

    Well, were can they go with a PSP2? Something between a PS2 and a PS3? Can you imagine the development costs for that thing?

  • Eddie

    Royalty… know NOTHING of the 3DS. The ONLY thing you know is that it will display “some” things in 3D. Thats it… Contrary to your belief, the industry can support 2 handheld systems, or even 3 counting apple products as it does now and all 3 of them being very successful over their lifetime. To completely shoot down a product that you know nothing about for another product you also know nothing about is incredibly short sited.

    EdEN…the graphics do not increase development cost as much as architecture does. If they make it simple to program for, the high res assets and physics will fall into place. In fact…for it to be BC, they most likely will go with the same architecture just more advanced.

    2nd analog stick, faster cpu, faster video processer, touch screen, HD screen, G/N wireless, physical and downloadable media. These are things I want.

  • Sinlock

    Let the E3 Leak Show begin!!!

  • Royalty32

    Eddie since u always tryna call me out and know so much then tell something. Rite now, current day tell me who’s in the lead for the hanheld market between DS and PSP. Since u know so much tell me something else, why is the pspgo a HUGE failure. No good enough for ya…..ok, tell me why in the hell do u think that the psp whatver will ever outsell a nintendo ds watever. I dnt state false info i only give u FACTS. Its FACT that PSP 1, 2, 3000 and Go are still being outsold by the Nintendo DS. So before u start tryna put everything i say down. Do some research first. Its a fact the the new psp will not sell more than the new ds. Do your homework.

  • Eddie

    First…I’m not trying to call you out. I’m trying to calm you down. Short sited quippy remarks don’t do anything but incite fanboy riots which are not needed here.

    Secondly…PSP sold over 65 million units. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 64th place doesn’t matter. It was successful. You do not need to be 1st to be successful and thats the bottom line.

    Sony isn’t going to look at the 3DS and say “well hell…we can’t outsell that…despite the millions of dollars we will make off of it, we might as well trash the whole idea.”

  • Royalty32

    I understand wat u r saying. Yes its true i know nothing about the 3DS but wat i do know is that its gonna be a huge success and anyone who doesnt realize that is blind. As for a new psp it could tank bad jus like the pspgo. So what i was trying to say is the yes the psp needs to go. The pspgo hasnt even sold over 500,000 units. Why would u get in a competitive business and not try to be #1. So yes Sony should be thinkin like if we cant outsell the ds why try. They would be losing money more than makin it.

  • Jay

    if the PSP2 has a ton of better features, etc. it can still be a major success, despite possibly losing in terms of sales. What it will really come down to is price, though. If the price is too high, then they’ll lose the sales, such was the case with PSPGo, but despite that, the PSP brand has still been largely successful, just not number one. Surprisingly enough, the PSP outsold the 360 in March (based off of Darrin’s sales chart) and the 360 is a successful machine, right?

  • Eddie

    PSPGo was an experimental product. Just like the PS3 was when it released. Its biggest reason for not selling was the price.

    As far as striving for 1st place…yes they should try. That doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. If 1st place is the only way to be successful then the PS3, Xbox 360 should just stop making games immediately. Sega Genesis, CD, Saturn, Gamecube, N64, Dreamcast all would never have existed.

    Also PSPGo’s sales are unknown. Sony has not released them. Albeit we know they are low.

    Competition purposes alone are reason enough to bring more then 1 handheld to the market. If there was only 1 console on the market, I would probably skip it because they could charge nearly anything they wanted for hardware/software.

  • Royalty32

    There u go. Sony is known for takin tech to a new level. When ps3 launched it was $600 thanks to BD and BC and 4 usb and all those memory card readers. Basically a bunch of uncessray stuff. If they try to do the same with the new psp(adding alot of new features) then its gonna suffer the same fate as the pspgo cuz u have to price it right in order to make a profit. In this case it would be priced to high and therefore fail big time. Yes its cool to have all this new tech a share it to the world but u also have to be smart. Lets hope Sony gets it rite from the start.

  • Eddie

    PS3 and PSP both are bringing in profits. No reason to believe a new piece of hardware from the same company won’t do the same.

  • EdEN

    Well, to be honest the hardware itself isn’t bringing in profits, the software and royalties are. The PSP wasn’t a purchase for me because only about 4-5 games for it are some I would consider purchasing so it didn’t make sense for me to invest in it.

    Will we see a PSP2 on E3? Maybe. The important question for me is if they’ve learned from their mistake and will actually release a product than can actually compete for 1st place.

  • Jay

    it’s like that for most devices. Anyway, the only reason I can see as to why the PSP isn’t doing as well in sales as it should is due to the severe lack of advertising. I have probably only seen maybe 1 PSP commercial for every 100 DS commercials. If Sony were wise, and they are doing PSP2, they should include that device with the PS3 advertising campaign and Kevin Butler.

    And to add to that, much better compatibility/cross-platform between it and the PS3 by way of all PSP2 titles working both on the PSP2 and the PS3 (and if the PS4 has BC, allow it to do so on there as well; BC on PS4 would be much more conceivable since they can simply use updated versions of the Cell and RSX, with Cell2 and RSX2, the PS3 was a huge step up from the PS2 in terms of architecture, and that’s why BC will definitely be hard without the EE built into the hardware like the 60 and 20GB models). Sales for both PSP2 games and hardware would skyrocket.

  • Eddie


    Well, to be honest the hardware itself isn’t bringing in profits, the software and royalties are. The PSP wasn’t a purchase for me because only about 4-5 games for it are some I would consider purchasing so it didn’t make sense for me to invest in it.

    Will we see a PSP2 on E3? Maybe. The important question for me is if they’ve learned from their mistake and will actually release a product than can actually compete for 1st place.  


    Actually PSP hardware is a large profit. PS3’s actually just started to churn a profit as well.

    PSP for me, actually had the better games out of the handhelds. Jeanne D’Arc, Crisis Core, Dissidia to name a few plus a huge trove of PSOne games.

    The only mistake I see that they made on the PSP was make it too easy to hack, UMD, battery life and price point. The games are purely subjective. I do have a DSLite and a DSi as well.

  • Royalty, So what if the DS out sells the PSP. Seriously the thing sucks ass. Everything nintendo seams to suck lately. Have zero desire to spend money on there products.

    Honestly I would rather have no analogs on my handhelds. There reason being is i like the D-pad. The analogs are way to small and my hand cramps up.