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PS3 Sales to Over Take 360 in 2010, Says Activision |

Included in the company’s first quarter fiscal results Activision Blizzard released an internal estimate for console and portable hardware sales for both North America and Europe.

For the current 2010 calender year Activision is expecting the PS3 to top Microsoft’s Xbox 360. By Activision’s estimates the battle for second place will be a close one by years end between the two HD systems with the PS3 forecasted to edge out the 360 by a mere million units.

With the PS3 currently trailing the 360 by 4.5m units worldwide, Activision’s predictions just may become a reality.

  • Darrin

    For 2010 new console sales, that seems like a very safe bet. PS3 has been selling better and will probably continue to do so.

    The bigger milestones are whether PS3 will exceed 360 LTD install base in 2010 and if PS3 can exceed 360 for third party software sales with publishers like Activision.

  • EdEN

    I can see Sony selling more consoles in 2010 than MS, but the LTD numbers are the ones that could take a year or two to overcome unless the 360 gets a jump in sales by the end of the year.

  • Jay

    Sony needs to work on manufacturing right now. My bro’s friend went to buy a PS3 yesterday and the day before, but everywhere except Fry’s Electronics had one, and the one they did have was a refurbished 40GB

  • Kicks

    Maybe actiblizz will put more effort into the ps3 titles so that the ps3 versions don’t lose all of the head-2-heads.

    Only time will tell

  • EdEN
  • Jay

    wow, PS3 is really close to outselling the 360, despite the PS3 shortage. Japan’s number will definitely put it way above, though

  • EdEN

    Low sales overall. May might end up posting the same numbers. The ones from June should be interesting once E3 hits.

  • Jay

    E3 doesn’t really sell consoles as much as one would expect. In fact, the time between April and August are the slowest months for console and software sales

  • EdEN

    It all depends on what is announced and how far away the game is. Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo could show a game no one knew about that releases a week or two after E3.

    The times, they are a-changing…