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Sales for April 2010 |

Three notes on the data this month:

  • NPD stopped providing PS2 sales data
  • NPD didn’t provide software sales numbers for all top ten software titles
  • Media Create software sales weren’t conviently available for April

Hardware Sales for April

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
Xbox 360 185400 12,817 198,217 -4.76%
PlayStation Portable 65500 155,475 220,975 -23.20%
PlayStation 3 180800 113,066 293,866 +16.08%
Wii 277200 104,137 381,337 -6.20%
Nintendo DS 440800 143,084 583,884 -52.64%

USA Top Ten Software Sales for April

Game Title Platform Publisher Sales For the Month
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction 360 Ubisoft 486100
Pokemon Soul Silver version DS Nintendo 242900
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii Nintendo 200300
Pokemon Heart Gold version DS Nintendo 192600
God of War III PS3 Sony 180300
Wii Sports Resort w/ Wii Motion Plus Wii Nintendo ?
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 360 EA 166000
Wii Fit Plus Wii Nintendo ?
Just Dance Wii Ubisoft ?
Super Street Fighter IV PS3 Capcom 143000

Quick Commentary: In hardware sales, with US + Japan data, the console order has stayed exactly the same every month: DS > Wii > PS3 > PSP > 360 > PS2

  • Jay

    lol, wow, what a drop off… Not surprised PS3 still made a positive year-over-year change, though. Biggest thing is the PS3 outselling the 360 by almost 100,000 units

  • FFXIII dropped off the NA charts faster than it did in Japan.

  • DarkKnight32

    God….. wat happened to gow3. Last month it sells over a million now it can barley get past 100,000. I dont understand why ps3 owners arent buyin the BEST game on ps3. Where are the loyal gow fans. C’mon!

  • DarkKnight32

    FYI DarkKnight is Royalty. Royalty32 is my name while im at wrk. I meant to change it to DarkKnight, will change it soon so theres no troubles in the future. BTW DarkKnight2132 is my psn id so if any of u still play Uncharted 2 online then hit me up or if not stil send me a friends request.

  • lordincubus

    PS3 will outsell 360 by the end of the year. Anyone play Super Street Fighter my PSN name is lordincubus

  • EdEN

    Drops almost everywhere. Yet the Wii and DS are still on top. Here’s is when we can understand that percentages don’t mean a thing if the change in number isn’t high enough. Wii might have sold less this year than last year in the same time frame, but it’s still 100,000 over PS3 and waaaaaaaaaaaay over the 360.

    Hopefully the PS3 can at least mantain this level of sales so more of those oddball games that stay in Japan start making their way over here…

  • EdEN

    Gamasutra has the top 20 list over here:

    Many said that Monster Hunter Tri on Wii had bombed but it sold over 108,000 (considering the numbers for SSFIV on 360) and maybe closer to 130,000 units… in only 10 days.

    FF XIII didn’t even chart in the top 20 which really makes me sad since it’s one of my favorite all time franchises…

  • Eddie

    PS3 continually is outselling itself YOY. That is quite amazing. The rest of this year will definately be interesting.