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Sony Announces Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Results |

Sony has continued to sell with a large operating cost that is essentially keeping them in the hole, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As of late 2009, Sony finally started to hit the positive with hardware sales on the PS3 making 2010 a potential better year especially if they hit their forecast of 15 million PS3’s for the year.

There is some interesting info broken down from all of these numbers

-360 vs PS3 gap is down to just 4.5 million units.

-If PS3 hits their forecast next year and 360 remains relatively stable, PS3 will surpass 360 LTD numbers next year.

-Of the 13 million sold in 09, 9.6 million of them sold in 6 months. Shortages prevented higher sales.

-PS3 software attach rate is now 8.1 vs 360’s 8.8

-PSP essentially fell off the map

-PS2 sold 146 million units LTD

-PS3 sold more software then the 360 in 2009

Sony Corporation (Millions of U.S. dollars)
-FY 2009:Sales and Operating Revenue $77,570
-FY 2009:Operating Income $342
-FY 2009:Net Income (loss) $(439)
Networked Products & Services (GAME) (Millions of U.S. dollars)
-FY 2009: Operating Income (loss) $(893)

Sony:FY 2009 Earnings Announcement

FY10:Forecast (21)

  • PS3 software attach rate is now 8.1 vs 360’s 8.8? But..PS3 owners only buy bluray movies. /sarcasm

  • Royalty32

    PSP essentially fell off the map. Wow, Wow, Wow. Its funny cuz all that talk that Eddie was doin bout how the psp wasnt a failure and its better than the DS. What happened to ur precious PSP. Like i was saying yesterday i dnt make stuff up. I state on FACTS and this article proves it.

  • Eddie

    … you bother to read anything anyone ever says?

    PSP is not a failure…65 million sold, millions of software, made many companies millions of dollars. No idea how that can ever be considered a failure.

    I not ONCE said PSP is better then the DS except in my personal preference of games.

    Just because a product reaches the end of its lifecycle doesn’t mean its a failure by any means especially considering its still outselling the DS in japan YTD this year.

    And “the article” isn’t an article at all. I wrote that.

  • Eddie

    …wow…PS3 actually sold more software then the 360 did…thats insane.

  • Royalty32

    Compared to the DS yes the PSP is a failure. If u actually sit down and use your brain u would see that as well. Look at it this way, PSP has better tech than DS and better games than DS but yet its way behind in sales. Cool 65 million units sold but didnt the original Gameboy sell way more than that as well and how old is that thing. I will forever bash the psp because it was a waste of tech. Everybody had high hopes for this handheld device and it flopped. The only worthy game is God of War. Say what u want but psp needs and will die very very soon.

  • Eddie

    Your definition of failure is wrong and your personal opinions on the product play no role in its success.

    Sony made money….the end. Therefore a success. There is no comparing in success. Its a statistical status based on revenue and profits. You can only say one was MORE successful then the other which is absolutely true the DS has been more successful.

    The Gameboy, DS and PSP were all successes.

  • Royalty32

    So i just have to know something. Do u consider the PSPGo a success and plz tell why u think so.

  • Eddie

    PSP as a whole is successful. Sony hasn’t released sales numbers or manufacturing cost for the PSPGo so there really isn’t a way to answer that honestly.

    Couple of things to consider…at its high price…they could be making hypothetically $100 each unit sold. Then people having to rebuy software because their UMD’s no longer work will also add to the profit.

    With that said…I’m sure so few have sold that it doesn’t make a difference either way.

    But if I had to seperate it from the normal PSP and make a quick decision…I’d say no its not successful. But doesn’t stop me from enjoying it on a personal level.

  • Eddie

    You just have to remember that “success” is based on more then just sales. Sales is only one small part of success. You have sales, revenue, profit, popularity, personal goals and many other things that all are considered in success.

  • EdEN

    It’s always funny how Microsoft and Sony sometimes remember to mention either the Wii or DS on their Annual Reports as if they didn’t exits.

    If a PSP2 is announced at E3 then that will definitely be the death of the PSP.

    The Slim and the price cut combined with the end-of-year gift purchasing rush sure helped the PS3 LTD numbers since that’s when two cousins of mine, two friends and myself decided it was time to get a PS3.

  • Jay

    @EdEN: the Wii isn’t direct competition really, since it essentially uses older tech and is more in line with being maybe between the last generation and this generation. 360 and PS3 are direct competitors because of the core audience it attracts. Of course, the Move and Natal will try to compete for the casual market, but since they know they couldn’t get Wii sales numbers anyway, it’s still more of a competition between those two.

    @Royalty: Dude, Eddie’s hitting the nail on the head. If you want to bring facts into a debate, bring all of them and not choose only the ones that support your opinion. DS was, indeed, more successful than the PSP, but the PSP was still a success. The Go doesn’t have any sales figures to use, so we can’t say whether or not it was a success, as any evidence of that would be based off of pure speculation and not concrete facts; though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t successful anyway, but the PSP brand in itself has been a success.

  • EdEN

    @Jay: And there is where I disagree with you. The Wii is as much competition to the 360 and the PS3 as they are to each other. It might use older tech, as you mention, but it also takes away profits since someone buying a Wii delays their options of buying a PS3 as well. The same could be said about the DS since it uses N64 tech versus almost PS2 tech on the PSP and you can’t honestly think the DS and PSP aren’t competing.

  • Jay

    most core gamers own a PS3 or 360 anyway. The only big numbers the Wii attracts are the Nintendo fans and the casual market. You might be a minority, but all of the people I know who own a Wii rarely ever use it, or they sold it. I’m trying to use it more, but have been sorely disappointed thus far.

  • Jay

    core gamers who own the Wii probably only got it for a different type of experience.

    And I know the DS and PSP are in competition. But that’s a different market altogether.

  • EdEN

    In my family we own 3 Wii’s and I’m the only one that owns a PS3. My brother owns a PSX and a PS2 and so far he’s in no rush to get a PS3 since he says between the Wii and DS he has the gaming he needs. He, as is my case, is mostly into strategy or RPG games and for that the DS is the winner this generation. Besides, since my parents own a Bluray player and so does my brother, they see no need to get a PS3 either.

    Those that have sold their Wii are either too picky, bought one just to be “in” or didn’t know what they were buying. Nintendo’s franchises alone are a great reason to own a Wii and 3rd party support just keeps getting better and better. Zack and Wiki is also an exceptional game.

    So far I own 95 Wii games, 85 DS games and 27 PS3 games. I’m as “core” as the next guy.

  • Jay

    that’s why I said you’re the minority 😛

  • EdEN

    There’s GOT to be more of us if the Wii is at over 70 million. “Casuals” can’t post those numbers by themselves.

  • Jay

    you’d be surprised

  • EdEN

    Ok, to end this and move on hahaha: The same could be said for the PS3 since one could argue that half of it’s sales are for people that wanted a Bluray player and the PS3 was cheaper than a standalone.

  • Jay

    maybe at first (though, that’s still questionable, since when the PS3 first came out, Blu-Ray was competing with HD-DVD, and people who were solely interested in HD would still be hesitant to get the PS3; I’d probably say that after blu-ray won was when PS3 sales spiked for use solely as a blu-ray player, but not so much anymore), but now they’re about the same price and PS3 sales are now skyrocketing, especially when a big exclusive comes out (which is usually the same as any other console, though), and as such, the majority of the sales are for the games, especially for the last two years. Most people bought a Wii at the time because the PS3 and 360 were more expensive, but now the price difference is minimal, and now, the PS3 is the only console to consistently out sell itself year over year since September at least

  • Eddie

    They say about 75% of HD console owners also have a Wii. I have a Wii…but its a glorified paper weight. In fact its not even a good paper weight since it just sits on the stand.

    Core 3rd party titles on the Wii have been atrocious lately as well. Madworld, Conduit, Red Steel 2 all have underperformed. Even Monster Hunter Tri wasn’t amazing in sales.

    I bought mine hoping for good FF games, more Zelda and some Dragon Quest but I haven’t gotten any of that. I’m hoping the new Zelda is impressive this E3.

  • EdEN

    @Eddie: Try these:

    A Boy and His Blob
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon
    Dawn of Discovery
    Deadly Creatures
    Little King’s Story
    No More Heroes 1 and 2
    Overlord: Dark Legend
    Rabbids Go Home
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    All 3 Trauma games
    Zack and Wiki

    No need for your Wii to be a “paperweight”. And with the Virtual Console and Wiiware (Lostwinds, it’s sequel, Cave Story, Swords and Soldiers, FFIV: The Afteryears) you can’t go wrong.

  • Eddie

    I’ve played the Trauma Center games and have enjoyed them. Tales games are so watered down these days. They spit out like 3 a year. A few of those games now have or will have HD equals in which I’d much rather play. In fact the only one on that list that I have not played that I want to is Little Kings Story.

  • Casuals love the Wii, so does the older generation. The Wii is a big hit at nursing homes and retirement homes.

  • EdEN

    I got Spyborgs for $5 at Toys R’ Us and it’s definitely worth at least $30. Muramasa is great and so is Rabbids Go Home. A Boy and His Blob is a very good game too.

    To each his own I guess, but I enjoy all my consoles and portables the same.