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Rockstar Working on Red Dead Redemption Fix |

Almost immediately after Read Dead Redemption made it’s way into the hands of eager gamers reports of several glitches and bugs have come to light. Players have been reporting numerous invisible glitches  where their character, horse or wild life in the game suddenly vanishes. These incidents have  only occurred during multi player modes.


 Rockstar has issued a statement confirming that they  are currently working hard to resolve the issues: “We’re aware of the issues some people are experiencing on multi player and we’re working hard to fix them,” the company told Kotaku.

“If you’re having issues please email [email protected] We are also actively on the forums helping people with any questions they may have about the game.”

Maybe Rockstar should have conducted a beta for the multi player version of RDR before releasing it.

  • Royalty32

    Good. Though the bugs and glitches dont bring down the experience, they are kinda anoying though. This game is by far the absolute BEST nex gen game thus far. Never have i played a game for for 10 hours straight. One thing that i dont like though is the multiplayer, not that its not fun but it jus throws u in matches(which i hate). Also head shot are extremly easy, ive gotten like 50 already. None the less, this game is awsome.

    P.S. can anybody plz tell me how to win in horseshoes. OMG i need to win to i can get another piece for an outfit. Its so damn frustrating.

  • EdEN

    Ah, technology. The more we advance in this gen, the more bugs and glitches that find their way into games…

  • Jay

    Here’s some other glitches I sent Rockstar:

    First, I’m not sure what provoked this glitch, but it didn’t just kick me off a server, it quit the game and everything, sending me back to the XMB

    Another glitch was trying to blow up an ammo crate, and after trying to do so, my character locks up and the only way out of it would have been if someone shot me. Since no one was around, and I couldn’t access any menus, I had to quit the game and restart.

    Another one I came across was, after a series of gang hideouts with another person, my game kept telling me that I lost my connection due to connection issues with the other players, even when going to new servers, despite me having a good connection and everything.

    And this leads me to my last known glitch. I tried to go into my outfitter, while having the server issues, and in the middle of the outfitter starting up, I got that server issue again, and because of that, I didn’t get any menus or anything and my game was stuck that way (just like the ammo box deal), but since I couldn’t get shot while in the outfitter, my only option was to quit the game back to the XMB.

  • def a fun game with its issues.. Im sure the multiplayer will be changed alot, as we are all officialy beta testers now lol

  • They delayed the game and still looking like bug heaven.