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Major Killzone 3 Details! |

Gamepro has revealed extensive details of Killzone 3 in their latest magazine. Including the introduction of Jetpacks.

What’s new in Killzone 3?

-Will show the Helghast have humanity left in them.

– Will have the feeling that “of being in a place far away from home, outnumbered by people who want to kill you.”

– Will be like Inglorious Basterds.

– All of the characters in the screenshots are flying in.. jetpacks?!

– Will include arctic levels.

– One mission in the game involves rescuing ISA Captain Narville.

– Game is playable in 3D!

– Have to wear 3D glasses, apparently the 3D effects are “crazy.”

– Combat is “unchanged from predecessor.”

– Or is it? Hand to hand combat involves you “Unloading a string of different (and often brutal) attacks on stunned enemies.”

– The scale is supposed to be “bigger this time.”

– The Jetpacks are “surprisingly lightweight and agile, Killzone 3’s jetpack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games.”

– New weapon called the Wasp, basically shoots a “flurry of rockets” at an enemy.

– Will show off the Helgjast culture.

– There is actually a Helghast language, which will be explored in the game.

– Will have “diverse locales.”

– Have to sit in the center of the 3D tv for the 3D effects to work.

– 3D in this game is called a “Game Changer.”

– Going to have “Intense Action”

– Jetpacks double as a weapon, which basically means a machine gun mounted right on top of it.

– If you shoot Helghast with jetpacks, they’ll “explode like roman candles”

– To control the jetpack, you “have to activate bursts of speed in midair, propelling yourself across further distances.”

– The Jetpack resembles something you’d do in platformers such as Super Mario Bros. Or Uncharted

– In one mission, you have to use the jetpack by “launching yourself from glacier to glacier”

– You’ll see “a lot of” snow levels.

– Everything is more spread out in this game.

– The game looks very complete.

More scans here.

  • Darrin

    Wow, this is actually legit.

    That’s a ton of bullet points, but I don’t see anything particularly exciting… We already heard about 3D (I thought KZ2 was going to get a 3D patch). Jetpacks and snow are nice, but they are not game changers.

    KZ2 is awesome (especially multiplayer). I expect (or hope) they will have bigger enhancements for the final game.

  • Can’t wait to hear how Halo: Reach was riped of with the jetpack idea.

  • @Luke you are right. We can always say that Halo: Reach ripped off Warhawk. But then people can say Warhawk ripped off Tribes. 🙂

  • Royalty32

    KZ3 already, damn. I can do without the 3D but i do admit that the snow levels will be awsome with 3D. The jetpack looks dope. I wonder if they let us create the main charatcer instead of using Sev. I like Sev but i just think a created charatcer(who can talk) will be awsome. I hope they show more at E3. I got my calender set and my internet ready for this HUGE event.

  • Sinlock

    Would have liked to have gameplay from the Helghast point of view.

  • I was hoping for a helghan forest setting with lots of foliage and strange animals.. Guess they’ll make it on killzone, 4?

  • Oh, and I hope the 3d aspect did not cause a dialling back of the graphics, as in, the full potential of a 30fps non stereo3d game is higher than a stereo3d game, so I’m afraid they might have not gone all the way in the non-stereo version to avoid big discrepancies between two view modes.

    (Let me remind that motorstorm uses both the split screen assets, and a lower res to get to 3d, but if in killzone, the two view modes have nearly equal quality, which I hope NOT, it means the non-stereo version will be gimped..)