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Red Dead Redemption vs GTA 4 |

As expected, this game shares the exact same structure as GTA: it’s an open world game with main story missions plus a *ton* of side content to explore and discover.

GTA was excellent, but pretty much everything is improved in Red Dead Redemption: the gunplay is more fun, the setting is more visually interesting (and GTA 4 is some stiff competition), riding the horses is a blast, there are more fun things to do and discover outside of the story missions, the random surprise encounters are cooler, and overall this setting is so well done and is such a refreshing change of pace from GTA’s city scapes and other more traditional video game backdrops.

The biggest improvement is multiplayer. GTA 4 multiplayer had some great moments, but too often matches just weren’t very fun and balanced to play. So far, Red Dead’s multiplayer is amazing. I’ve played several gang matches (team competitive), online co-op missions (raiding AI gang hideouts), and had some ad-hoc shoot outs in free roam. Everything has been a ton of fun. It might be too early to fairly judge, but this definitely looks like a true multiplayer great with staying power.

And of course, the charaters, dialog, and story are spectacular. Rockstar is regarded by many as having the best writing and characters in video games, and while this isn’t new since GTA, it’s as great as ever.

Redemption Really is That Good

In all seriousness, this is probably the best title to show how a video game can surpass the movie format in terms of delivering a complete fictional experience by providing such a fully developed and explorable world.

  • Been watching my brother play the game and I’ll have to say Red Dead Redemption beats GTA hands down.

  • Jay

    i’m going to be writing a review in the next couple days (will probably start it today, but I’m going to be at a concert tonight). Multiplayer is fun, but I did run into a bunch of problems on my end

  • Royalty32

    RDR definitly blows GTA4 out the water. Not sayin that GTA4 wasnt good its jus RDR really is that good. To be honest i would be shocked if it didnt win GOTY. Yeah i know its way to early but i just dnt see any games later this year that will be better. JMO

  • Alex

    Of course everyone thinks RDR is better now. It just came out! Everyone’s experiencing it for the first time. Once the new game effect wears off, then things will really be put into perspective. GTA IV has a 98 on MetaCritic, versus RDR’s (still fluctuating as the reviews come in) 95. I believe GTA IV will be remembered as the better game, although I am really enjoying RDR right now.

  • Darrin

    Obviously, the game *just* game out so excitement is fresh and in a few weeks everyone will be thinking about E3 and newer games, but I still think RDR will have more staying power than GTA 4 and it will be remembered as the better game.

    GTA 4 had tons of dazzle when people first saw it in terms of the sheer amount of detail and work that went into making it, but in hindsight a lot of people had more fun playing other games. And GTA4’s multplayer faded fast for most. I just think RDR is really more fun, the multiplayer will last, and the setting is just so completely fresh.

    Also, RDR beats every other 2010 release so far: God of War 3 is still super amazing, but this is better. I don’t think even Mario Galaxy 2 will come close. LBP 2 is a serious contender and I do expect at least one other super amazing mind blowing game in 2010.

  • Royalty32

    Im with u Darrin. I just hope that ppl dont get suckerd into thinkin that Halo Reach will be the best game of 2010, which i think will happen. People act like Halo is God. I hate Halo with a passion.

    I do think that the super amazing game ur talkin about isThe Last Gaurdian. My sleeper hit for this year for me is SW: TFU 2. Call me crazy but this game is gonna be ****ing awsome.

  • Smegmazor

    RDR is a lot of fun. I haven’t tried the online portion yet, but I’m totally immersed in the gameplay. My one problem is that damn Mo Van Barr bug. I don’t know if I killed him before I entered the code for the outfit or what. He’s the last scrap I need to complete, yet Mo is nowhere to be found. What the BLEEP?

  • bad company

    its to soon to tell it just came out and i am still waiting on AGENT

  • Darrin

    I’m sure Agent will blow our minds when it’s done, but I don’t expect that to ship for at least another two years. And, we haven’t even seen any details on that at all, so I’m not exactly waiting on it.

  • Humm not sure about the excitment for this game but I will rent it. Iam not into cowboy stuff at all, so the odds of liking this game are slim.

  • Jay

    Darrin: I’m sure Agent will blow our minds when it’s done, but I don’t expect that to ship for at least another two years. And, we haven’t even seen any details on that at all, so I’m not exactly waiting on it.  

    lol, on the older GTA games, they announced the very first details in May while the game released in October, so it’s possible we could see something at E3 and the game could launch in October-December, if not, early 2011

  • Karl

    Jay looks like shaycarl

  • ich glaub RDR ist besser als gta iv findet jeder sogar mein kleine bruder sagte gta iv ist der besste spiel es gibt kein anderer spiel mehr was besser ist dann ist RDR gekommen jetz sagt er RDR ist das besste spiel

  • Dani-girl

    Loving the multi-player but watch out for the “man-hunter”

  • MAINEiac4434

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but RDR. GTA is my favorite franchise ever, but Red Dead Redemption is quite simply the better game all around. Especially from a storyline point, cause I didn’t really like IV’s storyline.

  • snipa

    Gta 4 will beat red dead redemption horses are not my kind of thingz red dead redemtion is fun and that at shooting but horses just aint right cars are much better

  • asdalpha

    well, i like rdr more, but i disagree. the best video game to argue with movies is Uncharted 2.

  • jkc

    One way in which RDR beats GTA is that it’s actually more simple – the contryside is more convincing than the cityscape because you can interact with almost everything. The GTA IV map covers a very big area but it is basically just roads with dead buildings. Still GTA is awesome. The way the music changes in RDR to the story is also very nice/cinematic

  • Red Dead Redemption is an excellent video game but i prefer GTA IV. It is my favorite video game for now, i’m too impatient to play GTA V to see how it will be 🙂

  • Kyle Done

    @asdalpha uncharted 2 was ok at best its like halo people give it way to much hype yes its fun,gots a good story..but metal gear solid 4 came out a year before it and it blows it out of the every way..uncharted 2 has NO replay value and the campaign is short

    as far as Gt4 and red dead..i have to choose red dead i cant play GT4 its nothing but murdering,,and f’IN HOOKERS FOR hp..but red dead you can be a sheriiff its actually pretty fun.. and realsitc i jumped over the cliff to high and killed my horse:(