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Killzone 3 News Roundup |

More Killzone 3 news is spreading around the Internet thanks to GamePro magazine’s exclusive reveal of the game. The magazine is stating that Naughty Dog, the guys behind the award winning Uncharted series, is working on the graphics engine in Killzone 3.

 This wouldn’t be the first time Sony’s first party developers have lent each other a hand for their respective games. Earlier in the month it was revealed that Sony’s Santa Monica Studio helped with the revamped engine for Media Molecule’s upcoming Little Big Planet 2.

Besides the addition of jet packs,the new snow environments, and the 3D feature, Killzone 3 will have  something else that wasn’t found in KZ2: fully destructible environments. The destructible environments in KZ2 were limited to a few areas but in the Killzone 3 Guerrilla Games is boasting that everything can be destroyed.

  • DarkKnight32

    Great news. Naughty Dog workin with Guerrilla Games, yes sir. I exspect nothing short of greatness in the graphics department. KZ3 ftw.

  • What does everyone think the release date is? I assume that Resistance 3 is a Holiday 2010 title and I wouldn’t think that they would want Killzone 3 & Resistance 3 competing against each other.

  • Ace

    Ahh so there pulling a Battle filed move, BLOW everything up, Love battle field so this is very good news to bfbc2 players. Lets just hope they fix Killzone online the single player was awesome, online was fun for about a week or 2.

  • Lovely! Teamwork definitely helps! GG and ND all the way! ^__^

  • Jonaskin

    Wow. Haven’t played KZ2 in a long time but this stuff sounds incredible.

  • I don’t know where fully destructible environments rumor came from.. The official press release does not mention such a fundamental enhancement, so I guess there won’t be fully destructible environments. I hope it’s true, tho..

    But the official release mentions of a jungle! Hooray!

  • I like the whole “tech-sharing” that Sony is promoting, resulting in better games for us 😉