New CECH-2101 PS3 Slims with 40nm RSX chips spotted


It seems the new CECH-2101 PS3 Slim models are finally out in the wild.

A poster on the CheapAssGamers forum reports that he found one at his local Fry’s while another spotted a unit at Target. The new PS3s have also reportedly made it to Canada as one poster says he got his at a Futureshop in Toronto.

The new CECH-2101 PS3 model comes with a 40nm RSX chip. That means it uses up less power, is less likely to overheat, and is not as susceptible to YLOD issues as older models.

[CheapAssGamer forums via VG247]

Written by: Ace - News Contributor

  1. #1 by EdEN on May 24th, 2010 [ 222476 Points ]

    Great for newer buyers and this would explain why there was a small shortage of the PS3 the last two months.

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