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PS Move to preempt Project Natal by launching in July? |

Could this be another preemptive strike from Sony against Microsoft? Project Natal still has a confused October/November 2010 release window, but according to BT Games, the PlayStation Move will be making an early move by July.


Supposedly, we’re all gonna have to wait for E3 before Sony reveals the Move’s official launch date. But apparently, one of BT Games’ staff has been playing naughty and  let out this banner advertising the Move as being released this July.

Another leak, Sony? We know you weren’t always so keen about keeping your secrets secret.

[BT Games via Lazy Gamer]

  • BornGamer

    This was the original timing when Sony first talked about the launch. I wouldn’t make too much of it.

  • Mike

    Natal has a confused existence. Still waiting to hear what games I’m supposed to be excited about for it. Really not that keen on the move either, but the fact that all of the major releases will still support the DS3 is a good decision.

  • EdEN

    If true then they should release the patches after E3 so people can get their games (Fallout 3, RE 5, Killzone, Resistance, MW, etc.) patched and use Move with several games at launch.