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The Weekly Recap (May 16th-22nd) |

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What a week. I haven’t really posted anything this week, due to the release of Red Dead Redemption (the review is still being worked on, but will definitely be available this week once I get some more online time with it). And then on Friday, I went to a concert, and some other stuff happened here and there, and that’s why I’m posting it now (earlier today we had a slight scare, though, as my uncle almost went into a diabetic coma, but he snapped out of it and looked around as the paramedics were taking him out of the house and asked them “what the hell are you doing here?” :P).

Anyway, there were quite a few interesting stories this week. Killzone 3 happened to be announced via the newest edition of Game Pro (you’d think they would have kept that under wraps until E3, but given the fact that we know about it now, it will, undoubtedly, make it’s public showing at the event). A much better trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops also made it online. The MUBI service is also hitting the PS3 (most likely just in Europe, though). And also, Kevin Butler and Jack Tretton face off against each other in ModNation Racers in the newest Artist Spotlight. As far as rumors go, I think that this might be a precursor to maybe both hosting Sony’s press conference next month.

Speaking of rumors, some still think the PSN premium service will be announced next month as well. There are also even more PSP2 rumors. Going back to Red Dead Redemption, there have been numerous glitches after it’s launch, but Rockstar has since patched the title. You can also read Darrin’s quick comparison of that and GTAIV here.

And finally, you can read Trev’s review of ModNation Racers here.

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This week, the giveaway for the free gift cards, etc. ended last night, and Tosh had posted the winners, and are as follows:

Congratulations to you guys! And just a heads up, there are also a few new features on the site as well. You can now easily embed videos in the ‘Community’ part of the site. If the site is compatible, all you have to do is paste the URL and it will automatically embed the video for you (unless the author has embedding disabled on the video). Also, you can now easily access your points log, and view other peoples, too! Anyway, here’s this week’s recognitions (most going to Sakinah πŸ™‚ ):

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  • Sakinah – 6 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

More PSP2 Rumors!
Eddie – May 17th

Kevin Butler Vs Jack Tretton
Trev – May 17th

Rumor: Premium PSN to be Revealed at E3
Sakinah – May 17th

MUBI Coming To PS3
Trev – May 18th

[Update]Final Fantasy Versus XIII No Longer PS3 Only
Sakinah – May 18th

Rumor: PS3 FW 3.40 coming soon
Ace – May 18th

PS Video Store Gets Heartless
Trev – May 19th

Call of Duty Black Ops – World Premiere Uncut Trailer (HD)
Ace – May 19th

ModNation Racers Review
Trev – May 19th

Grip Games 5-in-1 Arcade mini Coming Soon
Jay – May 19th

New Trailer From Namco’s Upcoming Knights Contract
Sakinah – May 20th

Rockstar Working on Red Dead Redemption Fix
Sakinah – May 20th

GameStop: PS3 Out Of Stock 80 Percent Of The Time
Sakinah – May 20th

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I Trailer
Trev – May 21st

Red Dead Redemption vs GTA 4
Darrin – May 21st

Major Killzone 3 Details!
Sakinah – May 21st

Red Dead Redemption invisibility glitch fixed
Ace – May 21st

Tekken Live Action Movie Coming To Blu-Ray
Sakinah – May 18th

New Multiplayer Update For Uncharted 2
Sakinah – May 19th
[tab:Play With Us]

With the release of Red Dead Redemption, many of us are looking for folks to run in posses with. If you want, add me (let me know who you are and that you’re from this site). My PSN is JimmyMagnum. I mostly do the gang hideouts, but if you want to do one of the other games, feel free, as I’ll likely join in. I don’t know where my headset is, though.
[tab:Poll Results]

There’s still no poll up for this week yet, but Tosh should have the official results posted today, as well as the new poll :).
[tab:Thank You]
Well, that’s it for this week! With E3 getting closer and closer, we should definitely be seeing an increase in submissions over the next few weeks (well, hopefully, at least). Thanks for reading! Also, the concert I went to on Friday was Styx, Foreigner and Kansas, and it was one hell of a show. If you don’t like that kind of music, that’s too bad :P.