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New Instruments Coming to Rock Band |

If you’ve downloaded the Green Day: Rock Band demo on PSN( or LIVE) a special image awaits you once you exit the demo. The teaser image is of Harmonix’s upcoming Rock Band 3. Besides the guitars and drum icons you’ll notice two new ones, multiple microphones and a key board icon. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what that means.

MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie recently told  MCV  that the launch of Rock Band 3 will be a “significant upgrade” for the series. So much so that he believes MTV Games can take market share aware from Activision’s Guitar Hero with Rock Band 3.

The addition of a keyboard periphial sounds like Harmonix and MTV Games is really taking Rock Band and rythym games to a new level. The only problem is now I have to find room in my house for a keyboard. 🙂

  • Jay

    well, the multiple mics was one of the features in Beatles Rock Band because of the harmonies, but the keyboard one is interesting, snd since the devs talked about making more realistic instruments for RB3, I’m interested to see what the new guitars look like (since the drums don’t really need to be changed very much at all)

  • EdEN

    Will they dumb down Keyboards to accomodate controls similar to guitar? Will they acknowledge that their drums need cymbals as standard?

  • I just whish they’d release it in US and EU at the same time, when I was in the US in 2008 RB2 was on the stands while RB1 was just released In EU

  • Blackstaffer

    I hope the game accepts MIDI keyboards!

  • Darrin

    A standard piano has 88 keys (52 white + 36 black)

    The Rock Band and Guitar Hero game formula has always been based on four or five lanes of scrolling notes.

    How will they get the instrument to work with their game formula?

    I am *very* excited if they can make this anything like playing a real piano and doubly so if you can use a USB MIDI keyboard.