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PS3 Subscription Based Service to be Named PSN+? |

According to Joystiq and their “insiders”, Sony is set to unviel its subscription based PSN service at E3. Many of the features to be announced were in the survey taken months ago by many as well as a couple other unannounced ones.

-Access to rotating list of PSP Mini’s and PSOne classics
-Exclusive in game DLC
-Discounts to PSN Store
-“First Hour” Demo to full retail titles (with ability to purchase said title)
-Playstation Protection Plan
-Cross-game voice chat
-Cloud Based game saving (will come later after launch)
-Auto patching feature for previously played games
-Could be up to $9.99 a month (little ouch)

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Remember everything here is a rumor until E3.

  • Royalty32

    Why Sony! Why! I know actually playin games online will still be free but if i knew that one day Sony would charge for exclusive stuff i would of just bought a 360. Dont get me wrong Sony is doing this to make psn better but damn i never thought they were actually going through wit it. O well im stickin by PS and if i gotta fork out extra cash for the good shit then so b it.

  • $9.99 a month? This is worse than the Xbox and people talked crap about MS.

  • Eddie

    Nothing wrong with a subscription based service. Just simply don’t buy it if you don’t like it.

    With that said….$9.99 is too high. Especially for that list. Although….I’d be very tempted with cloud based game saves as I play games on multiple PS3’s now.

  • Royalty32

    Eddie you say dont buy it if u dont like it then it would be a lose lose situation for the ps3 owner who spent $300+, some $600. Sony is overpricing this as they do with every launch of something new. We like exclusive stuff but thats not the problem. If ur tryna compete with MS why price it more than there offering, it doesnt make sense.

  • Eddie

    I agree to a point. The majority of that list (over priced or not) is not offered at all on the 360. I mean they already offer online multiplayer and first release demo’s for free. Can’t get cheaper then free.

    But we have to remember that these are all currently rumors also.

  • Royalty32

    I just dont see why we cant get exclusive content for free anyway. +game voice chat should of been included a long time ago. Whats ur opinion Eddie is it a good deal or not. Yes its rumors but we all knew this was coming.

  • Eddie

    No def not a good deal. Too expensive.

    I am for a subscription based service for the right price with the right services however.

    and yes cross game chat should be free and already included. Speaking on this…I recall a Sony rep stating that cross game chat will not be apart of the PSN Premium service so that doesn’t give too much credibility to this rumor.

  • Macdory

    The bonus over Xbox is that you don’t need to buy this to play online – given the list, I doubt i’ll be tempted to spend $120 per year to have cross game chat, and be able to play 1 hour demos, but as Eddie has said “Just simply don’t buy it if you don’t like it.”

  • Royalty32

    U cant say “Just simply dont buy it if you dont like it” thats screwing millions of ps3 owners. Things that were promised to us way before Sony was even thinking about this premium deal we still dnt have and now in order to get it we have to pay for it. I understand that Sony has to make money but why charge for stuff that we should of had a long time ago, why not come up with some new things. If ever thing Sony is offering is new then i wouldnt mind paying but man this is tough to swallow.

  • Eddie

    We don’t deserve…nor are we owed anything by Sony. There aren’t any promises about any of these options other then that they said they are working on them.

    Nobody is getting screwed.

    I do agree with you that some of this should be free but its for different reasons. I think cross game chat should be free because it would benefit Sony, not because I think its owed to me.

  • This suggestion that we’re owed something because of the price we paid for the console is ludicrous. When I bought my PS3 at launch, for £425, that money didn’t even cover what it cost Sony to make the thing. So what amount of that £425 is supposedly ‘left over’ to entitle me to free anything?

    It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your PS3 – you paid for what you got in the box, nothing more. If you didn’t like the price, you shouldn’t have bought it.

    My opinion is that we’ve had an excellent deal with the PS3. Not only did we get a great console, but we’ve had everything for free for years, and lots of stuff added at no extra cost.

    Think about it. Other than your console (which unless you bought very recently, Sony made no money from) and the games you buy, Sony have asked for no money from us for anything on PS3. EVERYTHING on PS3 that you are asked to pay for is 100% optional, and has been for 3 years. Hell, they don’t even shove adverts in our face, other than ad boards in Home (which is optional) and VidZone (which isn’t a Sony service). By comparison, Xbox Live requires a sub to do anything remotely useful, AND shoves ads in your face on the Dashboard. Is it any wonder MS can afford to offer things which Sony currently don’t?

    So, given the price and right set of features, I would have no hesitation in paying for PSN+. That said, $9.99/£9.99 a month would seem steep in comparison to Live, and it would take a very good feature set to entice me to pay. For me, any subscription service would need to be annual, and cost no more than Live. OR, it would have to have features well in advance of Live.

    I can’t see cross-game chat being a charged service. But then again, would it be so bad? It may be mixed in with a lot of other stuff, but you effectively pay for it on Live anyway. I recently signed up to Live as I was considering buying a 360, and was shocked to discover that Live requires you to have a Gold subscription before you can even send text messages to friends.

    That said, cross-game chat is irrelevant to me, whether it’s paid or charged – I wouldn’t use it, so it alone wouldn’t encourage me to pay a premium.

    Perhaps we’ll see different levels of premium services, with smaller fees for fewer features. For example, £50 a year for everything, or just £5 a year if you only want online saves.

    It would be nice if they offered a pool of features, and you could pick and mix exactly which ones you wanted, and pay just for those.

  • EdEN

    Ok, let’s put this into perspective:

    minis are anything from $1.99 to $4.99 and PSX games are $5.99 and up so getting access to 2 minis and 2 PSX games a month (or something like that) automatically pays for the $9.99 a month charge. Anything after that is just “free” extras: the exclusive DLC, the PSN discount (which should be interesting to see how much of a discount and how much “reach” you actually get for it), the auto-patching, etc.

    Now, if they give you a choice between $9.99 a month and $89.99 a year (total savings of $29.89 ) it would be even better value.

    For me the “free” minis and PSX games and the PSN discount are what might make me get this. I would like it if it was “access to any minis and PSX releases from one month before your “current” paid month and back instead of a rotating list of games but all in all a good price.

    It would reaaaally kill their selling point if someone owns the minis or PSX games for a months “rotating list” but that’s why I haven bought a single game that falls into those two categories since by the time I got my slim this rumor had been floating around for a couple of months.

  • Well, let’s hope for it to be just a rumor…
    I’m kinda disappointed about this pricing…

  • derrickgott007

    Here let me end this whole discussion in one quick post….

    You have a choice to buy PSN+ or not. If you buy it, good for you,
    If you don’t buy the PSN+, then don’t whine that you didn’t get any of the extras.”

    Discussion over. Move along.

  • derrickgott007

    Well, let’s hope for it to be just a rumor…
    I’m kinda disappointed about this pricing…

    Why don’t you look up the cost of dedicated game server costs PER month, and tell me $89.00 a year is too much.

    “Dedicated Game Server Hosting from $199.95/month”—Industry average for ONE GAME on ONE SERVER. (Max Player Load = 24)

  • I give up, this is the last penny they have gotten from me. You tell me we get all this stuff but what about Linux? It was promised to us and they took it.

    I am selling this piece of crap console and hell I didn’t even get a chance to play RDR…funny thing is I think it just came in too. But I will be damned if I ever waste my time on the leeches again.

  • Selling your console over a rumour? Seriously?

  • Jay

    since when did the PlayStation userbase become so whiny? It’s a rumor first and foremost, and the removal of Linux was always a possibility going by the wording of the terms of service we’ve all agreed to for ages. I don’t see how they’re leeching off of anyone.

  • EdEN

    Getting over $10 in content and paying only $10 is always a win situation. Let’s wait until E3 to know the final details but if this rumor is how it’s going to be, then they have my $10 at least for the first month to try the service.

  • I am totally kidding you with you guys. I just wanted to shake things up. To be honest with you I think if they are going to charge $9.99 that’s a little to high but as some of you said no one is making us buy it if we don’t want it.

    Still didn’t get my RDR 🙁

  • Eddie

    Luke ya bastage lol.

  • Luke: I am totally kidding you with you guys. I just wanted to shake things up. To be honest with you I think if they are going to charge $9.99 that’s a little to high but as some of you said no one is making us buy it if we don’t want it.Still didn’t get my RDR   

    I just received the word mine is arriving today! Hopefully it won’t be too late for some possing…

  • Blackstaffer

    I don’t care about anything in that list except for cross game chat (to fix the chat in games where it’s supposed to work but doesn’t – like Borderlands). But it doesn’t make sense to include cross game chat in PSN+ because it requires all your friends to have PSN+ too. So if you want cross game chat you have to go convince all your friends to go buy PSN+ as well? That’s not gonna fly so well. All the other PSN+ features work whether or not your friends have PSN+.

  • Jay

    Luke: I am totally kidding you with you guys. I just wanted to shake things up. To be honest with you I think if they are going to charge $9.99 that’s a little to high but as some of you said no one is making us buy it if we don’t want it.Still didn’t get my RDR :(   

    lol, I thought you joined the dark side :P. I was reading that and thought to myself “Luke? Of all the people on here, Luke?” lol