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PS3 Only Does Natal? [Update: Gameplay Video] |

Sure the upcoming Move controller looks great but what if you want more than your arms to influence a game, like to be able to kick some dude in the head? Well with upcoming Kung-Fu Live you will be the star on screen thanks to “Freemotion technology” so know you can pull your groin attempting to kick the end of level boss in the kidney. Now I’m not trying to say that the Eye has the technology to be as good as what Natal is, but it’s interesting to see a game on PS3 using your body as the controller like Natal rather than just Move which is operated with your arms.

Hit the jump to see a video

[Update: Jay found a gameplay video]

The possibilities are endless, it’s only a matter of time until we’re teabagging each other on screen.. Kung-Fu Live is due out later this year.

Kung-Fu Live for PS3: You Are the Controller [PS Blog Europe]

  • Eddie

    that dude has had formal training. I say this as an ex assistant instructer in Tae Kwon Do 😛

  • I was thinking how blatently obvious it was that everyone in that photo does Kung-Fu just by their clothes..

  • There was full body tracking on the EyeToy (PS2), best example of that was Anti-Grav, which I have. It works amazingly well!

  • This is very different from what natal is promising. This is just a 2d digitized version of your self, and it is not a new technology. That Natal does is to translate your posture into 3d data. Here, you first teach psEye what the background is, possible on any webcam (their technology), and then you enter screen and it is as if you are in front of a green screen. Your image is entirely 2d, but some gestures would be recognizable. But this is *nothing* like natal.

  • Jonaskin

    Natal is really going to just turn out to be a glorified Eyetoy anyway, I really can’t see it changing the face of gaming.

  • Jay

    but MS’s PR has always been able to make their stuff appear to be the best on the market, so it will most definitely be more successful 😛

  • Eddie


    . That Natal does is to translate your posture into 3d data. .  


    except Natal does less translating and more guessing/predicting then we all originally thought.

    I just read an article from a dev stating that its entire premise is to guess or predict your movements as capturing them and translating them into 1:1 motions would cause a significant delay.

  • I dont know about anyone else, but I’ll never be teabaging anyone! lol

  • This calls for rugged TV’s!

  • Jay

    you should have posted this video, lmao, this game is going to be so awesome:

    from the official blog, here’s one of the replies:

    Teemu Maki-Patola | May 26th, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    We would like to properly integrate the tech with the Move sticks next. This should give us a totally 3D full-body skeleton tracking with buttons in your hands and absolute positions of augmented props such as weapons all at the same time. That will be pretty sweet!

    oh man, if they do that (he also said that would most likely come in a sequel, though), it would be absolute killer haha