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Rumor! Team Ico Collection (Ico & SOTC) Coming to Blu-ray Q1 2011 |

According to TheSixthAxis, they have reliable information that Team Ico is following in the footsteps of the God of War Collection that came to the PS3 by putting Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on blu-ray as well.

For now this is a complete rumor, but I do recall Ueda telling us that he was in talks with Sony to do the same thing sometime ago.

Now its time for a confession…Don’t think less of me…but I’ve never played either of these games before (bites knuckle). I know…I know…how could I call myself a gamer right? Well if this is true, I plan on correcting my error.

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  • @Eddie you’re not the only one… I’ve been a Nintendo guy the time those games were launched…

  • I wonder if this will lead up to The Last Guardians release similar to the way they re-released GOW1-2 before the 3rd game.

  • awesome if true!

  • Darrin

    Flea is right. They are probably saving it for about six months before the release of The Last Guardian to build up excitement.

  • Eddie, you disappoint me. I hope they do this as since I traded my fat for a slim I can’t play my PS2 versions any more. Would be awesome to play SOTC with a stable frame rate too.

    Oh Flea and Darrin, make that 3 months after the Last Guardian is out for it’s Europe release date then 😉

  • EdEN

    I’ve played Shadow of the Colossus but never could track down a copy of ICO. If they do this, add trophy support and up the frame rate on SotC then they have my $40.

  • This would be brilliant. SOTC was a great, great gaming experience. If they gave it the same HD treatment that GOW got them count me in. And Eddie you can’t play everything, but there are some gems that you need to revisit.
    I do not like the release date though. It should come out sooner like at this years E3. Oh well. It’ll come when it comes.

  • Jonaskin

    I haven’t played either and regret it so I’d grab this in a second if it’s true.

  • DarkKnight32

    Plz plz plz be true.

  • LOL.. u are a bad gamer for not playing these??? Um.. I had never even heard of them before.. lol

  • lol @ bites knuckles…

  • I would totally play through both of them again.

  • WOW!!! If its true, then I can’t wait for Shadow of Colossus!!

  • As already mentioned, re-release both Ico and SotC with Trophy support and they have a guaranteed sale from me!! I loved both games and would happily play through them again. I’d also love to see a similar thing happen with Okami.

  • I never played/owned this game but I watched video walk throughs for it all the time.