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Gran Turismo 5 pitstopped at 90% because of 3D and PS Move support |

I bet you’re all very curious as to why the development of Gran Turismo 5 has been stalled at 90%. Well, we just might have the answer now as MCV reports that it’s actually because of the 3D and PlayStation Move support. Suddenly the delay isn’t so bad now, is it?


MCV UK said that according to their source, the 3D and PlayStation Move support’s implementation definitely set back what otherwise would have been an already-complete game.

For their part, Sony responded to this report by giving out an official statement, saying, “We will be announcing further details of Gran Turismo 5 in June in Los Angeles during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Until that time we cannot comment on rumour or speculation.”

Via [MCV UK]

  • Nope that doesn’t make me feel much better considering i can’t afford a 3D TV or do I wish to use Move.

  • paul smith

    seconded, i am not being suckered in to this 3d talk, i really dont think it is something that i would want for quite some time.
    and as for move? this is not mariokart, either use a pad or a proper wheel, i certainly wont be using move for it.

    i will however be using move for games that it will be designed for

  • EdEN

    Never really the Gran Turismo series but for those that haven been waiting for this and got suckered into buying Prologue it must be very bad news to have to wait an extra 3-4 months because of last minute Move and 3D implementation.

  • bad company

    I am saving for a sony 3d tv just wish they release the price and release date

  • Jonaskin

    Not that I’m going to be buying a 3D TV soon (going to wait at least a year) but I’ll be looking forward to trying out this and KZ3 when I do.

  • EdEN

    I’m thinking about getting a LED TV in a year or two. Is there such a thing as a LED 3D TV?

  • Jay

    yeah, there’s quite a few, like this one. The 8000 series is Samsung’s top LED line, btw

  • Andy

    @#6 There is indeed, its made by Samsung. I have the non-3d LED LCD and the picture quality is awesome.

  • derrickgott007

    How much you guys wanna bet they say “GT5 X-MAS 2010” at E3. Watch, I bet that’s when it’ll launch.

    Here’s the Polyphony Digital way of thinking….

    Public: “Hey Kaz, when will GT5 be ready for launch?”

    KAZ: “How about X-mas of 09?”

    Public: “Ok great!”

    KAZ: thinking to himself…. “Wait, I wanna add one more car, better make that March 2010!” “Ok, it’ll launch March 2010”

    Public: “Ok great!”

    KAZ: “Oh you know what? E3 is in June, so make it june 2010”

    Public: “Ok Great!”

    KAZ: Thinking close to E3….”Hey X-mas is just 6 months away, make it christmas 2010″

    Public: “YAWN” (Walks off in search of other driving games)

  • I am with Trev, no, it doesn’t make the delay any better at all. The delay is affecting several millions (yes, several millions) of people without move OR 3d TV, all of which could have been *patched* at a later date, it is not as if Gran Turismo is built around move, or that 3d support would affect the handling of cars.. What is the percent of people with 3d sets at launch? 1%?? 2%? Maybe 3%???

    Also, I hope they don’t reserve head tracking exlusively for Move, that’s something which doesn’t require move at all but only PsEye (but they may make it so to attract Gran Turismo fans)

  • Agreed this is ridiculous and shows the outdated method for game distribution. Once the basic game play and physics was done the game should have been delivered.

    One car. One track would have been good enough for the majority of GT5 fans. Add the extra tracks and extra cars as downloads over the course of a year.

    This waiting till the game is complete just leads to delays and deferred sales. It’s getting annoying to say the least and is going to bite PD in the ass come review time. You know everyone’s review title is going to have a reference to its slow appearance.

    Sony had better see this delay mess and realize that the next time they launch a console they may need to find someone else to build a car simulator.

  • EdEN

    @ Jay and Andy: Thanks for the info. Right now it seems like waiting 3-4 years is the way to go so the tech goes down in price (3D glasses at $150 each is not consumer friendly). Once the 3D LED TVs (46″ and up) are $1,000 cheaper and the glasses come down to $50 or less is when I consider 3D has justified itself to me.

  • Darrin

    Those 90% estimations are very rough estimates.

    Polyphony Digital has a fairly large team working on this game. I bet only a small number of people are doing 3D + Move specific functionality and most of the team just needed more time to add polish and detail to the final game.

  • François

    It’s too bad because I don’t think having these features will bring any new sales for that game. GT Fan will buy it no matter what and I don’t think the casual gamer will see any insentive to buy it just because it has the PS Move support.

    I got tired of waiting and bought NFS shift, It is a very fun experience specially with the clutch support (G25), after 6-7 years and 60 millions$ of developpement cost, I hope GT5 has it too.

  • P5ycH0

    *** with the wait game already.
    I ****ing bought my ****ing PS3 in 2006 for 1 game.
    And it still has not been released.
    I’ll never buy a TV with goggles because I wear glasses.
    Besides tha, you’r faster in old fashioned 2d anyway. You don’t need to refocus your eyes every other second.

    I’ll drench my ps3 in gasoline, light it and throw it into a SONY office while screaming **** YOU.

    Did I get my point across?