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Naughty Dog Not Involved in Killzone 3 After All

It appears the Internet may have gotten ahead of themselves when Killzone 3 news hit. Word quickly spread that Naughty Dog was helping with the game engine for Killzone 3. That has turned out to be flase.

Guerrilla’s Games’ Herman Hulst noted at a press event that Naughty Dog is not involved in Killzone 3. The information regarding destructible enviroments may also be false as well. What has been confirmed on the other hand, is the addition of a new “brutal melee system.”

Sorry to get anyone’s hopes up.


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PlayStation Motion Games Category

Just a heads up. I created a PlayStation Motion Games Category for us to use. You can view the archives here. When writing a post it’s under Software > PlayStation Motion Games. If there are any other games/posts I need to move or copy to that category let me know.

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PS3 Only Does Natal? [Update: Gameplay Video]

Sure the upcoming Move controller looks great but what if you want more than your arms to influence a game, like to be able to kick some dude in the head? Well with upcoming Kung-Fu Live you will be the star on screen thanks to “Freemotion technology” so know you can pull your groin attempting to kick the end of level boss in the kidney. Now I’m not trying to say that the Eye has the technology to be as good as what Natal is, but it’s interesting to see a game on PS3 using your body as the controller like Natal rather than just Move which is operated with your arms.

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Rumor! Team Ico Collection (Ico & SOTC) Coming to Blu-ray Q1 2011

According to TheSixthAxis, they have reliable information that Team Ico is following in the footsteps of the God of War Collection that came to the PS3 by putting Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on blu-ray as well.

For now this is a complete rumor, but I do recall Ueda telling us that he was in talks with Sony to do the same thing sometime ago.

Now its time for a confession…Don’t think less of me…but I’ve never played either of these games before (bites knuckle). I know…I know…how could I call myself a gamer right? Well if this is true, I plan on correcting my error.

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