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New Instruments Coming to Rock Band

If you’ve downloaded the Green Day: Rock Band demo on PSN( or LIVE) a special image awaits you once you exit the demo. The teaser image is of Harmonix’s upcoming Rock Band 3. Besides the guitars and drum icons you’ll notice two new ones, multiple microphones and a key board icon. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what that means.

MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie recently told  MCV  that the launch of Rock Band 3 will be a “significant upgrade” for the series. So much so that he believes MTV Games can take market share aware from Activision’s Guitar Hero with Rock Band 3.

The addition of a keyboard periphial sounds like Harmonix and MTV Games is really taking Rock Band and rythym games to a new level. The only problem is now I have to find room in my house for a keyboard. 🙂


Insomniac Partners with EA. Plans New Multiplatform Franchise

Insomniac was widely rumored to go multi-platform, and it’s now official. They are working on an unnamed PS3/360 multiplatform to be published by EA and are planning both PS3/360 multiplatform releases and some PS3 exclusive releases in the future. See Ted Prices’s video announcement here.

This is in some ways similar to how Epic does both 360 exclusives and PS3/360 multiplatform releases.

Congratulations to Insomniac. Quality developers have choices, and I’m glad that Insomniac isn’t afraid to use them and get the most favorable arrangement that they can.

Resistance is awesome, Ratchet & Clank is even better, and I will almost surely buy whatever else they make of that quality, regardless of the platforms it ships on.


PS3 Subscription Based Service to be Named PSN+?

According to Joystiq and their “insiders”, Sony is set to unviel its subscription based PSN service at E3. Many of the features to be announced were in the survey taken months ago by many as well as a couple other unannounced ones.

-Access to rotating list of PSP Mini’s and PSOne classics
-Exclusive in game DLC
-Discounts to PSN Store
-“First Hour” Demo to full retail titles (with ability to purchase said title)
-Playstation Protection Plan
-Cross-game voice chat
-Cloud Based game saving (will come later after launch)
-Auto patching feature for previously played games
-Could be up to $9.99 a month (little ouch)

Read full article here

Remember everything here is a rumor until E3.



More 5-in1 Arcade Hits Stuff

After the jump, I have a video showcasing the puzzle game, memory game and Solitaire from Grip Games’ upcoming minis title, 5-in1 Arcade Hits. Here’s hoping it’s pretty fun!
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