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Crysis 2 to go 3D as well |


Another day, another game confirmed to be made in 3D. Crytek has officially announced that they will be implementin 3D features to Crysis 2.

According to the developer: “To be honest, it has been a real challenge. Not with implementing 3D but with the optimization for the computers. It will be resource hungry, but with few patches and a dedicated team, I am sure we will provide a stable experience.”

They did not specifically note how they will implement 3D, but it is anticipated that they will be making it throuh a patch. No word yet as to when it will come out.

Via [Crysis2 Forums]

  • Andy

    Are games like this going to be 3D on all platforms, or just PS3? I know we’re getting a firmware update to enable 3D, but will the PC version and XBox360 version also support 3D…I’ve not heard anything for these 2 platforms regarding their 3D plans for the future.

  • Ace

    Very good question i’ll do my best to answer it. So far from what i know xbox 360 is planning to go 3d but not any time soon. Ps3s getting it in couple of months and pc i’m not to sure on. But to answer your question i believe the playstation 3 is going to be the first system to show the power of 3d gaming so yes ps3 would exclusively get Crysis 2 in 3d due to the fact that Xbox isn’t really thinking about 3d at the moment. So you will see a ton of games in 3d. But don’t expect all of them to hop on the 3d train.

  • EdEN

    Wait, wait, Crysys 2 will be in 3D? Anyone care to do the math as to what sort of specs one would need to run the game in 3D AND at full resolution, effects and extras?

  • Bobby

    No there will be a patch for the game to make it 3d.