Sony Planning iPad Killer with Google Based Android Operating System?

This caught me by surprise but Sony has announced a product that will essentially be a tablet like product that runs on a Google Android OS. Speculation is running rampant right now, but could you imagine a tablet Android that plays PSP games and minis?

I wonder if this will be an E3 reveal. Only time will tell.

The plan, apparently, is to combine the PlayStation Portable, the Xperia smartphone and the Walkman music player into one multi-functional devices,

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Written by: Eddie - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by Nightflash on June 1st, 2010

    As nice as this seems, but if they really try to implement a PSP into a tablet, I see a large issue with controls of full fledged games. The lack of shoulder buttons would be the most obvious one, but also that they will probably have a the control scheme on the display. I really dislike this solution simply because you have no haptic feedback that you do when pushing a button. You can *feel* it.

    I can see them pulling this tablet thing off in general, and I suppose it would work well with Minis.

    I’d pass, still.

    The PSP2 on the other hand… 😉

  2. #2 by EdEN on June 2nd, 2010 [ 222016 Points ]

    Well, they tried to kill the DS and look what happened so I don’t think an “iPad” killer is in the cards at the moment. Want to kill the iPad? You need to kill the brand awareness that Apple products carry with them.

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