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Another E3 Surprise Ruined? InFamous 2 Confirmed! |

Though it was expected for some time, it appears GameInformer has confirmed the title in their upcoming July issue. Apparently, not much is known about the title, except for a couple details:

  • Cole has a different look in the title
  • The game takes place in a different city
  • There will be new powers available for Cole
  • Cole’s voice (previously played by Jason Cottle) will be replaced by David Sullivan

This means it’s a pretty done deal we will be seeing Sucker Punch revealing InFamous 2 more formally at this year’s E3.

Source: GameInformer via IGN

  • EdEN

    Still have to try the 1st one but at it’s current “Greatest Hits” price point it will probably get added to my collection at some point.

  • such a lame re-design. just look at this he’s exactly the same as any character from a number of other games…

    its getting quite a backlash on the thread here; and rightly so. the first game was pretty good but its a shame they have gone so mainstream with the new design..

  • Ceidz

    I’m really excited about this game !
    The first infamous was intense, and I hope the second is even better !

  • Jay

    yeah, I thought he looked way too different and mainstream, too, but it’s still the gameplay itself that makes most of the game

  • Different look>> why?? Different voice actor??? Why not just make it an all new character!! or better yet keep to the original because it was already good!

  • Awesome news, as I’m quite enamored of the first game. I wonder why Sucker Punch felt the need to redesign Cole, though. It looks like a Spanish Mission in the background of that graphic. LA? San Diego? The mission looks more like Santa Barbara’s, but I can’t imagine setting the game there. I guess the game could be set in NorCal as well, especially since Sucker Punch is based somewhere in the Pacific North-West, I believe, like Washington State perhaps?

  • Hunh. New city, new voice actor, new look. Taking the revelations that were revealed at the end of Infamous 1 into consideration I wouldn’t be surprised if that explains the changes.

  • I really enjoyed the first game so I am psyched to play the sequel. That being said I really liked the art style of the first game so I am cautiously optimistic.

  • bad company

    did e3 start early because every thing sony is showing i thought i was going to see at e3

  • Darrin

    I loved Infamous 1 and Killzone 2, and I expect the sequels will be amazing, but this type of dry reveal is pretty lame.

    LBP2, showed tons of actual gameplay footage and showed concrete big ideas that they were doing… With KZ3 and Infamous 2, it’s just “Hey these games are coming and you probably already figured they were coming”

    Maybe they figured that the mere existence of these games was too hard to keep secrete and would be leaked before E3 anyway, and they are saving the real good stuff (gameplay footage and actual concrete details) for E3 itself.

  • Ace

    bad company: did e3 start early because every thing sony is showing i thought i was going to see at e3  

    Ha, I know but sony still has a ton of tricks up there sleeves.

  • Now that’s another day one for me… Oh my wallet!

  • Lordincubus

    Hope this gets a make over the characters you were fighting against reminded me of a thugs from a Saturday morning cartoon.

  • Was it really an E3 reveal when it is on the cover of a nationally distributed magazine that hit news stands well before the E3 date? I think not.