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And Another: MotorStorm 3 Shots Leaked? |

The French website,, has seemingly came across some leaked shots (well, off-screen captures of a video) of MotorStorm 3, which is a title that hasn’t been officially confirmed, but, yet, has a domain,, that redirects back to the official UK PlayStation site. So now, could this be another ruined E3 surprise?

From the looks of the shots (which can all be viewed after the jump), they’re going even more over the top, with what looks more like a dilapidated, run down city you’d find in a post-apocalyptic flick (given the sign under the logo, is it San Francisco?). I’m not sure if this is faked, or the real deal, seeing as the series has generally been kid-friendly in it’s content, yet, one of the shots shows a group of people running through the streets as you race through, so don’t take this as anything definite (for all we know, it could just be from another game).

  • Yea thats SF the building in the picture is the Beaux Arts Ferry Building. It’s a Ferry port and one of the best Farmers Markets in the country. It’s on the Embarcadaro so make sure you don’t crash into a street car. 😀

    Going to be in SF in mid July with the wife.