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E3 Rumor: Tekken vs Street Fighter |

E3 is just over a week away but some of the biggest game announcements ( LBB 2, KZ3, InFAMOUS 2 & Motorstorm)  have already been revealed to the masses. Today we may be able to add another early reveal to the list: Tekken vs Street Fighter.

Quoted from to The Kartel  “A reliable source has indicated that Namco and Capcom are working together on a Tekken vs Street Fighter game. Even better: It could be announced as soon as E3.”

Recently  Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada made a brief statement confirming Tekken 7 was in the “early stages of development”. Does Tekken 7 have to do with a collaboration between Capcom and Namco or perhaps Tekken vs Street Fighter will be a separate game altogether?

We’ll see as E3 approaches.

Image of Namco’s and Capcom’s PS2 crossover.
  • Must have for fighter fans imo… I’m mostly into RPGs/MMOs but I’ve been meaning to pick up a fighter and a WWE game for a minute now. Maybe I’ll hold out for this 😀

  • EdEN

    And how would that go? SF is 2D and Tekken is 3D (as in movement between “layers”) Will they go full 3D or stick with 2D? Oh how many rumors pop up around E3…