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The Weekly Recap (May 30th – June 5th) |

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Do you guys realize I’ve been doing these recaps for almost a year now? It doesn’t seem like I’ve been doing them that long at all! The design has been through a LOT of changes since then, too. Anyway, there’s still a month left before the full year of Weekly Recaps. I’ll probably do a retro-look back at when I first started them in a ‘Special Edition‘ tab or something.

As far as this week goes, it actually wasn’t too active at all (we only had 13 submissions and 4 QuickNews?), but I felt that we had more news come in than what was posted. Probably because I stepped it up on my reporting last week and it felt pretty busy. With E3 getting closer and closer, the build up of news last week really started to come about in the later half, as announcements and leaks of games we probably would not have heard of until E3 began to surface (I’m looking at you, InFamous 2 and MotorStorm 3).

This week has already started to look ridiculously busy, and I would imagine we should see a lot more pre-E3 news this week, as the event kicks off next week (so we’ll be even busier then). It makes you wonder what Sony will be showing off this year if we’ve already seen so much? I’m going to try to get the New Games post up today as well, and I still have a few more articles I want to get written up, so bear with me.

The main highlights outside of those announcements, though, are that Joe Danger will be available tomorrow, and I plan on reviewing the title. The PS3 will now start including an HDMI cable (at least the 250GB anyway), Killzone 3 has an official teaser (which we will most likely see a LOT more of at E3), and a few other bits you can read about in the ‘Gaming News‘ tab. Also, be sure to read about that ‘Deep Screen‘, which promises 3D without the use of glasses or special tech.

And this week, we have another Official Review. This time by Trev, where he reviews 2010 FIFA World Cup, so be sure to read that as well!

[tab:Community News]

The Community has been rather quiet, BUT Tosh did announce the winner of the IntensaFire Giveaway, and the winner was JohnGalt. Congratulations!

Tosh also has another contest going on over at SlySpyder. You could win a $100 Amazon gift card! For those not in the know, SlySpyder is a review site that allows it’s user to review everything and anything, so if you have even like a cheap trinket you found at a dollar store, you could review it :P. I might review stuff over there, too, but it’s hard to find the time for everything.

Here’s this week’s recognitions (it’s cool to finally see Oly posting stuff again :D):

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  • Jay – 6 Entries

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  • Oly1Kenobi – 2 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

Joe Danger Hitting PSN Next Week
Jay – May 31st

Sony Planning iPad Killer with Google Based Android Operating System?
Eddie – June 1st

Crysis 2 to go 3D as well
Ace – June 1st

PSM3’s Not So Big News
Sakinah – June 2nd

New 250GB SKU Now Includes LBP:GOTY and HDMI Cable
Jay – June 2nd

New KillZone 3 Teaser Trailer
Sakinah – June 3rd

RealView to Launch ‘Deep Screen’ at E3
Jay – June 3rd

Red Dead Redemption patches and DLC coming soon!
Oly1Kenobi – June 3rd

2010 FIFA World Cup Review
Trev – June 4th

Another E3 Surprise Ruined? InFamous 2 Confirmed!
Jay – June 4th

First Joe Danger Review In
Jay – June 4th

Intense New Vanquish Gameplay Trailer
Sakinah – June 5th

And Another: MotorStorm 3 Shots Leaked?
Jay – June 5th

Offical Release date set for DC Universe Online
Oly1Kenobi – June 1st

Playstation Move Reaction Time only 22 Milliseconds
Eddie – June 2nd

Game Stop: Additional 50% on game trades
Oly1Kenobi – June 4th

Konami to Stream E3 Conference Live
Jay – June 4th
[tab:Play With Us]

I, personally, haven’t been able to play very much the past few days, but there are a bunch of folks looking for others to play with them, namely on Red Dead Redemption. They usually announce they’re going to play in the Community Chat box, but that’s for members only, so if you haven’t already done so, I suggest registering and log in, so you can view the chat and talk with us. It’s usually pretty active and occasionally even has news that we haven’t posted (usually related to other devices and not the PS3, though).
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[tab:Thank You]
Thank you for reading this week’s recap. I appreciate your support. THe only thing I can say now, though, is that with E3 coming, I’d like to see more of you guys register and even take up on the offer to become writers yourself, so we have a constant stream of news coming in. Tosh and I will approve stories that make the cut. I’ll usually fix mistakes and the like, if I come across any, to make them up to our standards and get them up for you, though.

If you prove to be a good writer with plenty of useful information (as in good news, and constantly submitting news articles, but overall, it’s still quality over quantity), you could potentially be able to have access to post without needing approval and maybe even become an official writer one day! That’s how I did it. It’s up to you if you want to pursue that route, though.

  • Wow, almost a year already. Ya, doesn’t seem like that long to me either. Keep up the great work Jay! 😀