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FIFA 11 First Screenshot |

First screenshot of FIFA 11 has been unveiled today and features Chelsea V Arsenal, most noticeable change in terms of graphics is much more detail to player faces/haircuts and maybe even kits that no longer stretch looking at the lettering on Arshavin’s shirt. More details will be released when embargos are over, expect FIFA 11 this October.

  • I think the guy about to hit the ball needs to read the sign in the back.. it looks like hes aiming for the black guys head..

  • lol @ say no to racism. Seems a little random.

    I like playing soccer games more than I like watching actual soccer. Soccer girls are cool too!

  • Say No To Racism is a FIFA campaign to unsurprisingly stamp racism out of football.

    Oh and Arshavin is totally going to miss Alex 😉

  • Steven Goggin

    how is it random, you americans dont know anything about football or ‘soccer’. Its like the biggest advertisement and sign in the sport. But yeah the graphics is fantastic! Shame they haven’t done anything to the crowd, hoping they will soon cos it looks boring and not very real.

  • shaqib

    Trev, i would like to know if their are going to be other boots in fifa 11 and not the same as fifa 10

  • There are newer boots in the 2010 World Cup so it’s safe to assume yes. In fact if you check out the other screen shots in the newer post;
    you can clearly see that the boots are newer models (Rooney a good example) these will be continuously updated until release too.

  • Lol and you know nothing about Americans. I’m Canadian. And you’re right, I place soccer on the same level as baseball, golf and curling. ^^

  • Matty T

    Fifa is good…………..But im a pes fan………….Pes 2011 to be a return to form…………..(i hope)

  • solomon teye alipoh

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