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New Mortal Kombat Movie? This is Just Crazy… |

Apparently, for a while, Warner wanted to do a reboot of the Mortal Kombat film franchise. No one knows what this video is for, whether it’s for a new movie or for an upcoming Mortal Kombat video game, or even just a one-of viral short film (think of that Street Fighter: Legacy film we posted a few weeks back, but given the stars in this video, it being just a viral movie is not looking like that’s the case). One thing is for sure, though, this video takes a lot of creative freedom to the franchise’s story and characters, and represents more of a horror film than an action movie.

If this is the real deal, though, could it be that Mortal Kombat movie we’ve been waiting for?

Keep in mind, this video is pretty graphic.



Alright, so now we know what it’s for. According to the actress who plays Sonya, it’s not for a game or movie, but who knows what would come of it:

It’s not a game trailer. Actually was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film.

So now it’s up to WB to decide if they want to pursue that route or not. Sounds like Legion was partly right. Given the overall approval of the movie, though, WB may just wind up going this route.

Thanks Oly via Twitter

  • Mmm, I’d watch it. Looks cool. I still really like the short Street Fighter: Legacy video too.

  • Jay

    lol, I was disappointed Johnny Cage didn’t say “Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole” lmao

  • Legion213

    Word is this is just a short. Sent out to gauge the publics reaction to a R rated reboot of the film franchise.

    I happen to like it. I think a new adaptation is needed if you want to make another movie based on the video games. Keep in mind the reboot may not be anything like this. Most likely the actors won’t be playing these roles.

    But who knows. I could see me watching a full length movie version of this. I like the fact that they made Scorpion and Sub Zero the main focus of the story. They were my favorites in the games anyway. It’s time to do away with the cheesy characters like Lui Kang and Johnny Cage.

  • Jay

    the movies should have been rated R to begin with, especially since most of the titles have had a MA/M rating anyway.

    I hope it’s not a short, though. Given the timing of the video’s release, there might be something that will become official at E3.

  • Jay

    well, here’s hoping WB likes it and pursues that route.

  • And there you are posting frightening stuff at night… At least Reptile didnt show up at home when I was asleep… 😉

  • Eddie

    I’m all about it.