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Power Gig |

Wow. PowerGig:

Release Date October 2010
Platforms PS3 + 360
Price (from Amazon) $180 for the game and the Six String Guitar. $230 for the game, guitar, and Air Drum Kit.
Guitar This is a real six string electric guitar that you can hook up to a standard amp and play without the game.
Drums You make drumming motions with drum sticks above sensors without actual contact. Obviously, this eliminates unwanted noise, but also eliminates the tacticle rebound and feedback of striking a drum pad.
Compatibility These claim to offer instrument compatability with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You should be able to use Power Gig controllers with those games, and use controllers from those games with Power Gig.

Clearly, the guitar experience is far more realistic than the colored button guitar controllers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The strike-free air drums may be less realistic however.

I have a few questions:

  • Will the guitar skills learned from the game translate into actual electric guitar skill? How well?
  • Learning a real instrument can be very frustrating. Will this be frustrating? Will it teach you real skill? Can you do the latter without the former?
  • Will this realistic guitar be as much fun as the fake game button guitars?
  • Was the public’s desire for music games just a fad that has ended? Will this just be a niche?
  • Why do music games have to be wrapped in these corny “rocker” stereotypes? Does anyone find this appealing? I’d imagine that 30+ players would find it an annoying mockery of the icons of their youth and the younger player would find it to be stale and irrelevant.

  • EdEN

    That seems a bit high an investment. Don’t really have any interest on learning how to play a guitar but maybe if I tried a demo unit It might change my mind.

  • Darrin

    Beyond charting on NPD or having a strong day one launch or being the hot “IT” game everyone talks about, this has the potential of incrementally improving actual guitar instruction, which IMO, is a much bigger deal.

  • Jay

    thus, the accessibility wouldn’t be there, since that’s basically what made GH and RB a hit, BUT it is nice to have for those who want to learn, albeit it’s a very small market, but Eric Clapton is one of it’s supporters, and he’s a huge name to have behind you

  • darrin

    I doubt that the music genre will ever return to its 2007 peak popularity. Other games are focusing on casual fun and accessibility and those won’t never return to that popularity either. The craze is over and and games that merely refine the formula aren’t going to reignite that.

    But, personally, I’d love to see some good educational music games. There are tons of non-game music teaching programs, that (no offense) are universally horrible. And there are polished and fun games like Rock Band that have minimal educational value. I’d eager to see someone combine the best of both.