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A ‘Save Game’ Cloud? |

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve turned on your PS3 for it to boot up and then show you a screen which states the Ps3 hard disk needs to be rebuilt? Ok, that doesn’t sound that bad but how about when it tells you your hard drive needs to be formatted? Or even better when your PS3 hard disk decides to change identity and decides it’s not a PS3 hard disk at all?

I bet the moment you saw any one of those screens you almost let your undies get a little stained! I had a similar moment (apart from experiencing the undies incident), when I was presented with all three of those screens last weekend. I guess I could say I have a little bit of experience when it comes to PS3’s throwing up errors like that as I’m already on my 2nd PS3 machine after my UK launch model decided to pack in after giving me a hard 2+ years. However, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the screens I got – one after each other after multiple reboots to try and get into my machine to salvage my 40 -50+ save games.

Luckily, to cut the story short, I simply rebooted my PS3 until it actually allowed me to rebuild my hard drive and boot up the XMB in order for me to be able to copy all of my save games to a USB flash drive.

This brings the following question to mind; we can currently sync our in-game trophies to a ‘cloud’ network, so why can’t we do the same for our save games? Imagine being at the final bit of a gruelling adventure like God Of War 3 or the number of achievements unlocked in BC2 and your PS3 decides not to let you into your XMB to copy your saves, but only presents an option to format the hard drive with no option not to format – you would surely be miffed at losing all the save game data you would expect to be able to backup before a format takes place.

The size of an average save game is around 2 – 3MB. Fifa 10 has a number of saves which average around 5MB. To backup your saves in a ‘cloud’ network, you would need a very large portaloo cabin with many racks of servers – but with the cost of storage being driven down and SONY’s pockets being very deep, surely this wouldn’t be a rather hard task to achieve. Hell, I’m so grateful that SONY provide free PSN access, even when there is talk about a Premium PSN being introduced. If it comes to it I’d be more than happy to pay a small premium to ‘protect’ my save games – to plainly put it – to prevent me spending another 6 months to get up to where I was in a game.

Rumours have it that SONY will offer this service in the near future as part of ‘a Premium PSN’ (or PSN+ as most are calling it).

So from me to you, how do you feel about a ‘Save Game’ cloud? Do you backup your saves each time you play? Would you pay to use a ‘Save Game Cloud’ as such? How much does having a ‘Save Game’ cloud mean to you?

  • Eddie

    It should be a standard of all future gaming.

  • I would love to see a save game cloud option. It would be cool too if you could specify your own web server to automatically back up any newly saved games after the initial back up.

  • ZeroZeroSettete

    I also would love to see such feature.
    Last month my ps3 suffered of a ylod. Over 300gb of music, film, save games and more at risk.
    luckily i fix the mainboard and now it works without loss of data.
    I back-up the entire system but the majority of saves are protected and cannot be copyed or backupped.
    A cloud save data will be the chance to preserve our saves without risk.

  • This is the #1 feature I want out of the PSN+ service they propose. If they announce this, they have my money on day 1. I don’t care about anything else, but a cloud system for save files so I can play at my house, my friends, my girlfriends, etc. is exactly the kind of forward thinking in consoles this generation must embrace. Steam is way ahead of the game here, however, they don’t offer it for all their games. Sony slam dunks this one and voila, it puts them ahead in that race.

  • EdEN

    This would be great, specially for those saves that can’t be backed up (basically any game with an online component). It IS rumored as one of the extras for PSN+ and if it is, specially after reading the first paragraph of this post, it will be just another great reason to get the service.

  • Cheers for the comments guys. It would lift a weight of my mind for sure.

    Fingers crossed ‘PSN+’ provides this as a service.

  • I needed it a couple months ago when i lost all my game saves.. 25hours of final fantasy and 5 hours of GOW3 gone… not to mention all the others.. those were just the two i was working on finishing…

  • I like the idea a lot, especially since there are some games that have save files which are locked and cannot be backed up to a USB drive.

  • Darrin

    Yes, an online save backup would be amazing.

  • Ic4ruz

    Ermm, Steam has been doing this for a long time now….

    If you want to see the future look at what is happening on the PC (;

  • LordCancer

    games kinda need this period. if we gotta endure drm and always on connections… test drive unlimited needs this. every time my 360 breaks i lose my game save. I tried to rip the save from the hard drive and when reloading it on a new 360 id get a black screen when leaving my garage, unable to see anything, the game wasn’t frozen… the auto save feature updates the server so when i deleted the save and tried again it deactivated all the online features. I ended up having to delete another 100 hour game with everything completed just so I could find and cruise with my friends though the online trade system is still deactivated. I have lost nearly 3 completed saves and upwards of 300 hours total and now im treated like an exploiter because of hardware failure. im really quite pissed about it right now.

  • Jay

    best line ever:

    I bet the moment you saw any one of those screens you almost let your undies get a little stained!


    But yeah, this is something that would reduce the number of headaches exponentially, as that loss of data is the most important of all the data you could lose (since the rest are more easily retrievable, mainly by just downloading them again)

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  • Andytizer

    It’s a shame that Sony lock down the PS3 so that you can’t backup your own saves. Currently, only things like trophies and account information are retained by them on the ‘cloud’.

    However even on the PC, cloud storage is very limited. Select Steam Cloud and also high profile titles like StarCraft II have cloud savegame storage. It’s also possible to hack your own savegame cloud storage using Windows Live Sync. I have been exploring this in my site:

    Given Sony’s track record with this kind of thing and even the slowness of accessing and syncing trophies, I don’t see cloud saving happening in this console lifecycle.