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Is Sony Spoiling their E3? |

Sony has been dropping tons of massive reveals right before E3:

  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • Killzone 3
  • Infamous 2
  • Motorstorm Apocalypse

I also thought they were going to hold off on shipping stereoscopic 3D games until E3, but they did that early as well.


A Few Theories:

  • Sony has even bigger surprises saved for the show itself.
  • Sony can get better coverage and a larger impact by spreading out their big reveals over the weeks before E3, rather than doing the more predictable and traditional approach.
  • Last year, many of their E3 surprises were thoroughly spoiled by the rumor mill before the show. This time, they can simply preempt the leaks and rumors by announcing early and saving more details and gameplay footage for the show itself. Also, the gaming media is overloaded with real news and not so starved to endlessly mull through scraps of rumors.
  • alex c

    what idiot wrote this,.

    of course theres loads more, and e3, – isnt for gamers anymre..its for media.

    so sony are going to give it what no one else has, 3d move.

    its all about the 3d games and move.

    theres the last guardian, and at least 3 more for the hardcore.

    let alone modnation racers which will be there.

    and god know what else. (well actually i do know, but i cant let on to much, if you havnt heard the rumors of games by now, might as well wait another 5 days, itl be that much more exciting)

  • adro

    I hope it’s the first theorie…

  • Sameh

    @alex c

    Why would Modnation Racers be there?

  • I’ll say it again, nothing has been spoiled by Sony for their E3, with the exception of MotorStorm 3, ALL these were in articles and magazines planned out and known to hit before E3. In the great words of BTO, b-b-b baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Darrin


    None of these were complete surprises. They are all semi-predictable sequels. But Sony did deliver substantial new detail and some level of surprise on each of the four mentioned reveals.

  • E3 will offer plenty of hands-in game play. If 3D, Move, and all their new games are included in that hands-on time, then I have a feeling that Sony will have plenty of ability to satisfy the E3 gaming masses.

  • @Darrin The mention of “spoiling” E3 indicates these were meant to be a surprise AT E3, when clearly, they were not. But to your point, maybe they can now concentrate on the footage and details at the show rather then the whole hype of the reveal. In any case, I’d beat my friends life on the fact that Sony has many more surprises in store for us.

  • Ace

    “Sony has even bigger surprises saved for the show itself.” You said it your self I guarantee sony has a huge bomb to drop at e3 ex) Prem Subscription. (I’m hoping for)

  • Darrin

    @Ace, premium subscriptions are ok, I’ll probably buy one, but that’s not a super-exciting mega surprise.

    @Martini, I already figured all these games were coming, but never heard complete confirmation for any of them. Also, all these Sony announcements surprised me. LBP2 for example, sounds brilliant and ambitious in all the right ways and that was a surprise.

  • asd

    all this means is they are going to have one hell of a conference

  • I’m just hoping Sony has more than just sequels to show off for E3.

  • Jay

    hopefully we’ll finally see Agent. And hopefully they’ll announce some seriously awesome new, exclusive IPs, since, as stated, most of these sequels were expected, but not announced in the way we were expecting

  • Jeremy

    Great post Darrin! Don’t listen to the other commenters griping on here. People are way used to controversial, big, overhyped articles that take one very useless detail and blow it way out of prorportial with speculation, then treat that speculation as if it were fact.


    Great article! I think this strategy is brilliant! Sony marketing is really nailing things as of late. Just to point out to the gripers, All those games were reveals that typically would have been OFFICIALLY Announced during E3, even though some of us were aware of them or their potential ahead of time, we can’t really dig into the details and openly ask questions until an official announcement has been made… Announcing ahead like this means questions and answers and news can be generated during a time when there is usually a drought… meaning these games get TONS of face time. Good article man! Write more stuff like this. Its positive and good for discussion. =)

    For my little E3 wishes: It would be awesome to see a PSP phone(Android based since its a wish)…. Imagine how that would go…Its an android phone that is backwards compatible to the psp library of games that can also access all the apps of the android marketplace… GOSH! with all the cool features that the top line android phones have hardware wise.. Yeah I know, not too realistic i suppose… I also would love to see the ps3 get google tv… or a chrome based browser… Might not be TOO far fetched since the ps3 is linux based at least… It would be a major boost for google tv and a major selling point for the ps3.

    anyway sorry… got off on a rant! keep up the good work!

  • Darrin

    @Jeremy, wow, what a positive comment. that was nice

    I’m definitely with you on the Chrome/WebKit browser, Android+PSP phone, and GoogleTV wishlist.

  • jeff_rigby

    “I’m definitely with you on the Chrome/WebKit browser, Android+PSP phone, and GoogleTV wishlist.”

    Me too, so much so that I do not trust my own judgement. I see the rumored PSP2 announcement for E3 being dismissed as an indication of a push back to allow time for Google TV to be included. I see the rumored big bombs for E3 as Google TV being announced for the PS3.

    The Expanded PSN and Google TV; the last Sony stockholders conference outlined the coming multi-media and PSN model and the PS3 plays a large part.