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Metal Gear Solid Rising Box Art Causes a Stir |

The box art for Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Rising has landed on XBox LIVE. Featured on the box art is a shot of Raiden from behind standing over what appears to be the remains of a Gekko.

Since this was first revealed on Microsoft’s system, some are jumping to the conclusion that Microsoft and Konami have struck some sort of timed-exclusive deal for MGS: R.  Adding fuel to the speculation is a recent visit to Kojima Productions by a couple of Microsoft representatives in Japan.

However, if this is the official box art for MGS:R it’s mising the “Only on XBox” logo found on several timed exclusive games released for the system.

  • Jay

    Well, the PS3 doesn’t really post images of game covers anyway, let alone have a rating system like Live, so it’s probably just a bit of what Konami was going to show off world wide at E3 that Microsoft probably accidentally let slip through a little early, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal

  • I heard MS will be changing the cover design ( It might be possible that the cover art is not yet finished.