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Metal Gear Solid Rising Box Art Causes a Stir |

The box art for Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Rising has landed on XBox LIVE. Featured on the box art is a shot of Raiden from behind standing over what appears to be the remains of a Gekko.

Since this was first revealed on Microsoft’s system, some are jumping to the conclusion that Microsoft and Konami have struck some sort of timed-exclusive deal for MGS: R.  Adding fuel to the speculation is a recent visit to Kojima Productions by a couple of Microsoft representatives in Japan.

However, if this is the official box art for MGS:R it’s mising the “Only on XBox” logo found on several timed exclusive games released for the system.



  1. Well, the PS3 doesn’t really post images of game covers anyway, let alone have a rating system like Live, so it’s probably just a bit of what Konami was going to show off world wide at E3 that Microsoft probably accidentally let slip through a little early, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal

  2. I heard MS will be changing the cover design ( It might be possible that the cover art is not yet finished.

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