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New Mortal Kombat is Definitely on the Way |

Well, it looks like the E3 debut trailer has made its public appearance today, as NetherRealm Studios has released it to the masses. The fatalities appear to be more violent than ever, and the game looks splendid, all while going back to the old 2D style of play we’ve enjoyed from the oldest in the series. Not much else is known, but there are some new things to look forward to:

The game will also include new features, such as a 4-player tag-team mode where players battle in teams of two against each other online. Fans can also enjoy the “deepest story mode of any fighting game” and an “extensive” lineup of the series’ iconic characters.

I’m not a huge fan of fighters, but I’ve always enjoyed the old Mortal Kombat games, so it’s nice to see the creators going back to what fans fell in love with in the first place. The game will release for the 360 and PS3 sometime next year.


  • Looking good so far. This should make a lot of MK fans happy.

  • Demo

    Still 2D.. Cheap!