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Kevin Butler is the Center of Attention at E3 |

Even though there is no direct confirmation of an appearance by Kevin Butler (Jerry Lambert) at E3, signs point to yes, he will be. At the convention center, Kevin Butler is the biggest thing there, according to the pic above anyway. This banner is seen hanging on the south hall of the LA Convention Center. It definitely appears that the Move (and Sony in general) will be making a huge showing this year.

And if you happened to be one of the first 100 folks to have gotten into Sony’s pre-E3 community meet-up, you would have gotten a hold of this bad boy. We’ll probably see some of them go up on eBay thanks to some scalpers.

  • It’s really impressive how KB worked so well as an advertising piece… But wait, we’re talking about Kevin Butler! This changes everything! 🙂

    It’ll be good to see a Jimmy Magnum x Kevin Butler Joe Danger High Score comparison… 😀

  • Jay

    lol, yeah, he said we’re blood brothers, so it’d be a bit of sibling rivalry 😛

  • EdEN

    Oh, he’ll be at the conference. It’s just a great opportunity for Sony to win back some of it’s fans they lost with all the weird commercials, trailers and promos they’ve delivered the last 3 years.

  • KB should easily beat the 360 dismal press conference. I can almost hear him saying he was at the 360 press conference, 3 years ago when it was callled the “eyetoy” and made by Sony.

    So far the only game that looks any good is MGS Rising. Love the “Slice and Dice” mechanics. If they could put that tech into a RPG it would be awesome. I can easily see how Rising will work with the PS3 Move.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow.