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Driver: San Francisco Interview with IGN |

So, Ubisoft lifted the veils for the new Driver game at the press conference held earlier today. Though I was very excited for the return of the series to its roots, I found the idea of ‘shifting’ from car to car a little questionable. They didn’t really do that well of a job explaining it at the conference, but in the interview here, you get more of an understanding of the features, and with that, I’m more at ease and it sounds like it might work.

Also, there are no on-foot segments in the game, and it all focuses solely on the driving, with well over 100 actual, licensed cars. Can’t wait for this one!

  • Al

    i feel the shift feature will ruin the game as a whole. they went into a fantasy realm for this game…

  • Jay

    well, at least, for the most part, they aren’t forcing you to use it

  • Royalty32

    Hey dnt kill me for this but i have to say it. MS press conference SUCKED big time. Plz dnt delete this.

  • Jay

    lol, we all agree with that. From the staged Kinect showing Sunday, to the underwhelming conference for all of M$, we agree. Absolutely no surprises

  • Yea the whole Shifting thing kind of Jumps the Shark for the series.

  • Mr.Man

    Shift is kinda a downer i loved being able to get out and jack cars or get hit by them, good memories with this series.