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Biggest Surprise of E3? Valve at the PS3 Conference?! |

If there ever was a useful time to use the phrase “way out in left field,” this would be it. In a totally unexpected announcement, Gabe Newell, the guy PS3 owners loved to hate because of his negativity towards the PS3, actually made an appearance at Sony’s press conference, to announce that Portal 2 will be coming to the PS3. Here’s what I transcribed from the video:

As an industry, we’re going through a transition from an entertainment as a product to an entertainment as a service, and because of that, the needs of game players and game developers are evolving. More specifically, it’s not just about chips for rendering pixels, or calculating nav measures (someone correct me here). It’s about giving gamers a complete, social, connective experience. By adopting an open approach to these challenges, the PlayStation 3 is going to excel in this area. So, I’m very pleased to announce that we’ll be bringing Portal 2 to the PlayStation 3.

I’m excited that Steam will be a part of that experience, and I think that gamers will be delighted with features like Steam Cloud and automatic updates that will make the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 the best version on any console.

I saw this happening live and couldn’t believe it! After all the bashing and hate he gave the PS3 over the years, what finally made him decide to swallow his words and go as far as to say the PS3 will be the best console version of that game? Now we must ask, does this mean Left 4 Dead might make its way to the PS3 as well?

  • i thought we’d never see another valve game on the ps3. this blew me away.

    i loved the line about kevin butler as the VP of sharpening things!

  • Legion213

    This was great. I never thought I’d see the day. I loved that Gabe was forced to eat his words too.

  • hobbes

    seriously a funny moment

  • The part I’d like to be made clear about is whether we will specifically connect to steam, and whether the updates will have to be Sony approved.

    Did Sony embrace the Steam? Will it allow Valve a free pass for updates? (No Sony certification??)..

    Gabe said PS3 was the most open platform, Sony may have given Valve some perks about bringing content. It will be exciting to get the full details on this issue.

  • I wish he had a half life announcement to go along with this. IF Sony is smart they should seriously consider backing up the money wagon and purchasing Steam outright. Shoul dbe good for Sony.

  • EdEN

    See? This is what money can do.

  • Durr Hurr

    “…what finally made him decide to swallow his words and go as far as to say the PS3 will be the best console version of that game.”

    Probably the bar graphs and pie charts from accounting showing the Everest-sized mountain of money Valve is missing out on by not producing for the PS3.

  • What if… and this is speculation from my part… The automatic updates that Sony promised to bring to the PS3 -for premium price – Is actually Steamworks at work…. that would answer a lot of questions.

    That would answer the most important -WHY- Gabe revised his opinion
    that would explain why it’s the most open… if Sony were to integrate Steamworks in the premium service, Valve will get access to parts of the PS3 OS that used to be shielded.

    He did mention somewhere, that the PS3 was a platform that was to closed… very interesting stuff indeed