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[E3 2010] Discuss the Press Conferences Live and E3 with us! |

I thought it would be fun to set up a live blog just for us to chat about the events live as it happens and E3 in general it will be open the whole week.

Also just a reminder Oly’s Live Blog is on June 15th and 17th!

Here are the times for the Press Conferences:

XBox 360 June 14 at 10 AM PST
EA June 14 at 2 PM PST
Ubisoft June 14 5 PM PST
Nintendo June 15 9 AM PST
Sony June 15 Noon PST
Project Natal June 15 4 PM PST

Konami June 16 1 PM PST [Video Replay here after it’s over]

Live Blog after the jump

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Here is the mobile version.

  • Let’s see if this way works any better.

  • Royalty32

    Sony just won E3 hands down. Nintendo a close second and MS tanked BAD.

  • Jonaskin

    I was much more excited about Nintendo’s reveals to be honest, but if we judge it by things we already knew about, then yeah, Sony won it again.

  • Let’s be honest Nintendo Won. Their presser was tighter and had more games. Their first party games kill. Sony was second for sure. MS presser was just, wow, bad. What games did they mention I’ve already forgotten.

    Highlights for Sony was KB. Brilliant writing and even better message. Twisted MEtal does strike some fear into everyones hearts.

    Some of my concerns.
    1. Where’s the move game that will sell millions of moves? Heros on the Move is a start. But honestly Sony just make a Super Mario Galaxy clone already. Use Ratchet and Clank. You own the rights to it and INsomniac can build it or another company can.
    2. No mention of The last Guardian, Rouge Galaxy, Dark Cloud. In fact where are the big franchises. Kingdom Hearts 3.
    3. Where was Level 5. Pay them to port Professor Layton.
    4. Where are the content deals.The PS3 is a media center. Show the deals with studios to bring their movies on board.
    5. First parties? Where’s the line up.
    6. I’m glad that GT5 is coming out but really.
    7. I know you like to keep the presser all about first party companies but take the time to show a chock full trailer of every game, port, download available to the PS3. It’s one thing to say you do everything but show you do everything.

    Overall good. But it shows what Sony really needs is a stronger and strengthened First Party line up of games.