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Kevin Butler Makes Epic Speech at E3 |

A surprise to some, and totally expected from others, Jerry Lambert’s character, Kevin Butler, has made his appearance at E3. And what did he do with that? Inspired gamers everywhere! Some say this was the absolute highlight of the show. He did a great job bringing his humor to the event and didn’t ruin it, like some were fearing he would.

And on a related topic, the Kevin Butler fan page I run on Facebook? Activity spiked a LOT today and within the past 6 hours or so, it’s gained 200+ fans and has surpassed the 5000 Likes mark.

  • Pc

    He is awesome and fits perfectly with Sony!

  • Sony really struck gold when they hired him. And wow @ 200+ new fans in 6 hours on facebook!

  • Yah this guy is awesome for Sony. They were smart not to try and use him for the PSP. I love the fact that he wasn’t used to pitch any games but rather the entire concept of gaming. A beautiful example of advertising used to influence the way people see themselves and other gamers. Inclusive rather than exclusive. I hope they keep it up.

  • EdEN

    Nice jab at Microsoft. Couldn’t really take a shot at Nintendo since Sony doesn’t have a PSP2 to announce.