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PlayStation Plus Confirmed! Details! |

So, with the press conference done, we got some details on the recently confirmed service. For those not in the know, PlayStation Plus is Sony’s premium PlayStation service. You don’t need it to be able to play online, like Live, though. Which is a huge deal, by the way. So what does PSN+ offer?

  • Full Game Trials (I assume that means timed trials of full PSN titles)
  • Automatic Downloads
  • PlayStation Store Discounts
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Free Games and Downloads (apparently you get one full, pre-determined game every month, starting with WipeoutHD)
  • Select Early Demos
  • Priority Beta Invitations
  • …and more

As for pricing, you can get one full year for $49.99, or three months for $17.99. For a limited time, you get three months free with a one year subscription. For all the stuff you get out of this, it could pay for itself by the end of the year. Can’t really say that with a Gold membership from Live. The automatic updates feature? Awesome. Automatically download new patches, demos and firmwares is great! I’m seriously contemplating getting this service :P.

Keep in mind, though, if you decide to drop your subscription, content you received for free, but usually has a SRP, will be expired along with it. I also heard Qore is included with it? I could be wrong, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

PlayStation Plus Official Site

  • Sylvrfonic

    I too heard that Qore was included. I have also read details about cross game chat. Subscribers can host. Up to three other PSN users (subscribers or not) can join. If the PSN+ host leaves the chat the chat is closed.

    I read it on a couple blog posts. Neither post sited their source. Have any more grains-o-salt to go around?

  • Luke

    “PlayStation Store Discounts” discounts for something you pay monthly or yearly for, pretty ironic.

  • hobbes

    Official EU blog has some interesting comments, sounds like discounts and avatars and themes are yours to keep if purchased while a plus member if you go off the plus membership you’ll be able to keep those items, but there are certain items you won’t be able to keep.

    sounds like there maybe a special to get LBP for free when you sign up, at least teh EU blog hints at it.

  • Legion213

    I hate, absolutely HATE Xbox Live. Being forced to play online is a bogus deal.

    PSN+ however is appealing to me. It actually gives back and everything I’ve been able to do thus far (ie play online) I can still do without subscribing. Also if Qore is included thats great because there have been times where I wish I was paying for it.

    Free PSN games, store discounts, Full game trials. PSN+ sound like a good deal if you pay for a year. While Xbox Live still charges you for things you should already have for free.

  • Legion213

    Oops. I mean forced to pay to play online.

  • ardy

    but what if i own littlebigplanet? will they have substitutes??

  • BG

    I don’t see the appeal especially if PSN games cease working if you drop your subscription. That’s a complete deal breaker for me. For $50 a year, I want ownership of the game…

  • Jay

    well, then go buy those games at full price at, what, an average of $10 a piece? What is that, $120 a year instead? Why would they allow you to keep a game you got for free because you’re a subscriber if you’re only going to cancel your subscription? It’s a service, and that’s one of the incentives to use it. On top of that, you also get store discounts on the stuff you dont get free as well

  • BG: That’s not fair for Sony, they are selling a service, which allows you to play the game during your usage of that service. You are free to buy the game if you want to keep it. That’s only fair.

    What I wonder is, our credit card account is my Wife’s account, all games belong to her 🙂 Will the PSN plus service allow me to play the Wipeout HD on my own account if the PSN plus service was bought on her account? If not, I will not be able to use the service, using my own name. Then probably I won’t buy it.

  • EdEN

    @Emrah: Good question. My take is that you can use the service with the main account as well as other accounts on the same PS3 console.

    So far the price and what is offered is about right. Having Qore added for “free” adds value to everything. Getting 15 months of the service for $49.99 ends up being about $3.32 a month thanks to the extra 3 months.

  • I hope that is the case, EdEN.. The price is right for such a service..

  • For a detailed explanation of the “Full Game Trial”, it’s an hour’s rental, included within the PlayStation Plus price, for new PS3 games. You’ll get to demo the full game for 60 minutes, and if you decide not to buy it after that you still get to keep any Trophies you have earned, although they won’t be unlocked unless you buy the game.