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Ah the 360 Slim…. |

Its shiny, its quiet,  it has 250 gigs, heck even Microsoft gave them away for free at E3. But they still vaporize you disc when you move it the slightest as you could see in the video the perfectly beautiful alien wake becomes worthless in 3 seconds. When I saw this the first thing that crossed my mind was a garbage disposal. It seems that Microsoft didn’t care to that much to get rid of  this problem which isn’t new to the franchise, it seems to me it has only gotten worse.  So I just wanted to show why Microsoft still disappoints me, and why I will not be buying a Xbox 360 Slim. Any thoughts on what other things Microsoft didn’t fix?

  • Jay

    idk, I heard red and black go well together, so a RROD would probably look sexy 😛

    but seriously, MS isn’t very good at making hardware at all

  • no video for me.. hmm?

  • So now it’s an actual physical ring of death.

  • genbatzu

    why should you ‘rearrange’ a console when it’s running? xD

    sensless ‘test’

  • Yes, it is really wise to shake and tilt the console while the disc is spinning..

  • Macdory

    If you did that on most CD, DVD, Blu Ray players you would get the same result …

  • It should be simple to them to use the center lock most of laptop dvd readers have… Epic fail… AGAIN!

  • Expect a recall in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  • The move and shake of the console is very probable when you have a niece and nephew that jump around like maniacs playing a motion game. There’s nothing as butt clenching as seeing your 4 year old niece do a header towards your HDTV. Smacking into a console while playing any motion control game especially a Kinext game is entirely possible.

  • No piece of hardware should be moved with a disc spinning inside it, that’s just absurd.

    However, with their latest hardware update, the 360 has almost reached feature parity with a LAUNCH PS3 (proprietary HDD and “wireless A” aside). That console is such a disaster.

  • I think its a bit hard to criticise the console for breaking when it’s moved in operation. have you tried it with your PS3? I wouldn’t be willing to try it to see if it happens…

  • Jay

    I’ve moved my PS3 around while it was running a few times actually. Didn’t do any grinding or anything. Same with my older 360 (though, I was more cautious with that because I had RROD two times before lol). This one seemed to scratch the disc even on the slightest move

  • Does any1 else not see the video?

  • Eddie

    the average cd/dvd player is fine being moved around these days. my ps3, 360 and wii are fine…even my ps2 for that matter.

  • MAINEiac4434

    Luke: Does any1 else not see the video?  ^

    Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m using Internet Explorer.

  • kingekellogg

    didnt have to bump my 360 and it shredded my disk

  • My original xbox didn’t do that when moved, only when it fell but I nudged my PS3 and it split a disc in half.