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FFXIV E3 Trailer and News |

FFXIV has announced a few new changes at E3 over the past few days and some are pretty exciting.

1. FFXIV will be in 3D on the PS3.

2. Larger Linkshells will be assigned something called “Company”. This will give them a website and display various stats of the members and group! This one is very exciting for me.

3. There will be secret areas.

4. There will be high end armor for each class.

5. New classes will be released even after the game is released.

6. The beta will be starting very soon.

7. There will be something called a “Retainer” which will allow players to leave their character or avatar so they will be able to enjoy the game offline and people can see them.

Last but not least…the official benchmark of FFXIV showing off one of the games opening scenes in either low res or high res. I scored around 2500 myself. Direct Download


  1. Oh man I so want this game. I really want to get into the beta to.

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