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Valve and Cross-Platform Play |

Remember during Sony’s E3 keynote, when Gabe Newell and Valve showed up on stage? Remember when he said that the PS3 will be the best console version of the title you could get? Well, The Kartel got in touch with the developers, one being Erik Johnson, who stated that Valve is planning on cross-platform support between the PS3 and PC/Mac users, but that there were no current plans to have such support on the 360.

Being able to play co-op between a PC user and a PS3 user, for instance, is something that “the team is gunning for.” So with Steamworks and the like heading to the PS3, and include cross-platform support like this, does this mean if we were to get the L4D series, we could theoretically play that cross-platform as well? What about an inevitable Half Life 3?

And who would have thought we would start having positive articles about Valve posted on here?

  • Luke

    That is pretty awesome if it happens, maybe this will open doors to cross-platform games for consoles as well down the road.

    I’d also like to see Half-Life 2 Episode 3 before Half-Life 3 if possible.

  • Can you just think of the firestorm that that would rage!

    If, just If. One day there was a game that PS3 and X360 users could battle each other online.

  • Jay

    lol, and the Sony people get to leech off of the Live servers haha. It would be hard, though, since MS owns all of the 360’s Liver servers, while, on the PS3 side, the developers do, or through user connections

  • DCUO is crossplatform compatable. I played it on PS3 with the guy next to me on the PC. They will however not be allowing it… I was told its the “upper, in charge people” that made the decision based on $$$..

  • #8 by SL33PY on June 17th, 2010

    What if… and this is speculation from my part… The automatic updates that Sony promised to bring to the PS3 -for premium price – Is actually Steamworks at work…. that would answer a lot of questions.

    That would answer the most important -WHY- Gabe revised his opinion
    that would explain why it’s the most open… if Sony were to integrate Steamworks in the premium service, Valve will get access to parts of the PS3 OS that used to be shielded.

    He did mention somewhere -albeit a long time ago-, that the PS3 was a platform that was too closed… very interesting stuff indeed

    I put this in the previous “WTF Valve loves us now?” post. I was a bit late with it, but my idea still stands, wouldn’t be suprised if this develops into a real partnership

  • I really don’t think they need Steam to push automatic updates on their own system.

  • This pretty much confirms Valve will be able to update Portal 2 without waiting for Sony’s approval.

  • Jay

    I dont know why people think that Steam is the reason why PS3 can have automatic downloads. PSN+ and Steam are two entirely different entities. PSN+ serves all of PlayStation, while Steam will only be focused on Valve-related software, and even then, that’s not necessarily automatic downloads.

    And about automatic updates/downloads, I believe that means the system updates itself and downloads items when you have it in standby mode

  • +1 for Jay. The auto updates mentioned in PSN plus is different from Steam.